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These days, everyone enjoys having house plants in their home. Whether it’s for the texture, the air quality, or color, the benefits of having house plants are far-reaching. And among these plants, flowering plants are incredibly beneficial, adding color and fragrance in abundance. So, if you want a little extra flair, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most beautiful flowers for your garden.

  1. African Violet

This is one of the easiest flowers in terms of care, blooming several times a year with minimal effort. This plant comes in a wide range of varieties, allowing you to coordinate multiple color options for your garden or interior space. The African Violet likes warm, moist conditions and requires very little care, but when feeding, you will want to avoid allowing water to touch the petals as it can cause unsightly brown spots to form.

  1. Flowering Maple

The Flowering Maple is a fast-growing plant that regularly blooms throughout the year. It can come in various pink, red, orange, and yellow shades and performs well in a permanent garden or in a hanging planter. This plant doesn’t need much sunlight but will still require a warm area to thrive.

  1. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies might not be the flashiest flower, but this plant has an understated elegance that benefits any room or garden it inhabits. This plant is easy to care for and produces flowers during the summer months. It is known for having large, deep green leaves that add a tropical touch to any room.

  1. Anthuriums

This plant thrives in heavy, bright light and offers flowers in festive shades of red, pink, lavender, and even white. It blooms during the summer and sports glossy green leaves that are attractive even when not in bloom.

  1. Jasmine

There are many different types of Jasmine, but the two easiest to grow are the Arabian and Flowering Jasmine. These plants need plenty of moisture and light and bloom into beautiful, fragrant pink and white flowers.

  1. Clivia

Clivia, or Kaafir Lily, blooms in the winter season, producing reddish-orange or yellow flowers. This plant requires cool, dry conditions, blooming only in lower temperatures. It grows up during the winter months, giving your room or garden a fresh aesthetic no other plant can provide.

  1. Christmas Cactus

Yes, it’s a real thing. And don’t be surprised to discover that this plant is also closely related to the Thanksgiving Cactus. These plants bloom in cold temperatures, giving them an exotic look that many gardeners love during harsh colder winters.

  1. Brazilian Fireworks

This plant received its name due to its developing lavender flowers in the spring but fading away quickly to leave tiny black seeds that grow into more. This plant flourishes around metal building homes, steel utility carports, or garden areas.

  1. Guppy Plant

This plant blooms during the summer, preferring abundant sunlight. Unlike other plants in this list, the Guppy plant produces flowers all year long! It’s perfectly suitable for hanging baskets as it has arching stems that dangle over the edges.

10. Silver Vase Plant

These stiff, grayish-green colored leaves are kin to the pineapple and are native to Brazil. They form an upright vase-like shape, sending up large leaves of pink that produce purple flowers. Many people enjoy this plant due to its ease of care.


There are many different flowering plants that can bring oxygen, color, and light to your interior space. Of those abundant options, you’ll want to pick the types of plants that best fit your location and lifestyle. A plant that requires a ton of light may not be suitable for cold temperatures that see little sunlight. Conversely, a plant that fairs well in frigid environments may not take to more tropical locales. So it’s important to know what you’re getting!

However, if you do your research, these flowering plants can provide a wonderful accompaniment to your living space, filling it with tons of pigment, texture, and character. These plants make perfect additions to your home interior, exterior, garden, or steel building.


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