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Heart diseases, heart attacks, and cardiac arrests are often confused  but at the end of the day, they are all terrible health conditions. Such health conditions which affect our heart can cause sudden death of the patient. Therefore, here you will find the 10 things you should know about Heart disease and failure that will help you tackle the occurrence of such an event.

  1. Symptoms: Heart failure and related diseases can be diagnosed before the situation goes out of hand by studying the early occurring symptoms. If you have begun to sweat unusually a lot, experience anxiety, heartburn, regular discomfort due to no particular reason, or paleness in your appearance, it is high time that you need to get yourself checked for heart conditions.
  2. Prevention:It is always better to look for the ways in which you can prevent them if you have a family history of heart diseases. You can follow a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise daily to rid your body of the bad cholesterol, which leads to a weak heart.
  3. Women can have heart attacks too. It is a generally accepted myth that only men are prone to heart diseases and failures, which is wrong. According to Heart failure treatment specialists in India, women who have gone through menopause are equally at the risk of similar conditions.
  4. Heart Disease is the second major cause of deaths in canada. We fall for the belief that the countries with good heart failure treatment facilities don’t encounter deaths due to heart failures, but it is the second major cause of deaths in Canada, a country which doesn’t lack in medical care at any front.
  5. Hardening and Blockage in you Arteries is not the only reason. We tend to believe that hardening of arteries with age and blockage due to bad cholesterol are the only reasons for heart diseases, but heart valve diseases, heart muscle diseases, abnormal heart rhythms, and congenital heart conditions also exist.
  6. Fat is not the only reason. Another myth countered by Heart failure treatment hospital in India is that people believe that all fat is bad, which is not the case. Approximately 20-30% unsaturated fat consumption keeps the body running well.
  7. Warning Signs. Nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, unnecessary fear and anxiety, sudden chest pains, and unusual pressure on heart are some of the signs that your heart needs urgent medical attention. In such cases, congestive heart failure treatment is a good option.
  8. They are treatable. Heart conditions, though dangerous, are completely treatable with the advancement in diagnosis and treatment units. Though one needs to read the symptoms in time and get them checked regularly.
  9. Regular Health Check-ups help. Getting your health checked regularly for knowing your cholesterol levels, sugar levels, and BMI is very helpful in dealing with prospective heart diseases.
  10. 10. Exercise your way out! Most people who are dealing with heart diseases become inactive and lethargic in order to give their heart a rest, but light exercising routine will only help them get better.

There you go! The above points are a must for everyone to know for a healthy heart.


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