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Being a space that is functional and is frequently used, kitchens ought to be differently designed from other parts of your home. Different from your living room, a kitchen is just not all about choosing colors and finishes. Moreover, modular kitchen accessories are just as imperative in the process of design as cabinets or countertops. Rather, we are in a position to argue that they are the most crucial of all for they determine how easily you can make use of your kitchen!

Yes, they give a fancy look and all, how much are these accessories costing? Rather, many factors do the ascertainment of the cost. For instance, if you are picking laminated finishes rather than acrylic, accessories might take up a higher percentage of your kitchen outlay, simply because laminated one is a cheaper finish. But, we can say directionally that some accessories cost more than others. And therefore, we have made a compilation of a list of their starting prices for giving you a general idea. It will then be easy to figure out what you will need and what you will not need.

For easier understanding, we have made an assortment of these accessories by function – cooking accessories and cleaning accessories to give you the best kitchen renovation ideas.

Cooking Accessories for Modular Kitchen

Cooking accessories are further bifurcated into those that are helpful in the storage of food, those that are helpful in the storage of food items, and those that are helpful in the storage of utensils and other items required for cooking.

Plate Basket

This accessory is usually fitted in the bottom-most drawer in one of the base cabinets.
Function: This is one of the accessories for a modular kitchen that is meant for keeping the dinner and quarter plates in their place. It prevents the non-steel plates from clattering with one another and getting cracked.

Cutlery Tray

Function: Therefore, this fitting makes sure that all the spoons meant for eating and cooking have assortment into their right places. Also, you can make use of it to sort knives and other items like sieves. Being into organization into slots is helpful to you in finding the right spoon quickly whilst the need is arising.

Wire Basket

Usually at the center drawers or any other drawers that have non-specific usage.

Function: Therefore, this space has the usage of storing small bowls, trays, and other miscellaneous utensils. It offers a space for keeping things that are required at regular intervals whilst doing the cooking job or serving.

Corner Carousel

This accessory is fixable into blind corner units that are not fit to be effectively used otherwise.

Function: The cabinet at the far end of the kitchen corner is just a dead space without the carousel accessory. Therefore, the shelves on a revolving stand allow us to make use of this space for its optimum level by the enhancement of the access. Consideration of the extent of the importance of its function as well as the unique placement, the carousel accessory is more expensive than its counterparts.

Food Storage

This accessory is usually fitted in the tall drawers that are further fitted among the base cabinets.

Function: This vertical drawer is fitted with two steel shelves and is the right space for keeping tall bottles or big spices jars. Therefore, keeping them in line will let you pick them out easily.

This accessory is fitted inside tall or mid-tall units.

Pantry Pull-out

Function: The pantry-pullout accessory is designed to be fitted in all the groceries in your kitchen. The shelves can be pulled out for grabbing whatever you require from the cabinet. This enables the enhancement of the access that may be hindered due to the considerable depth of the cabinets.

Wicker Baskets

This accessory is usually fitted under the island counter or any of the base cabinets.

Function: Wicker baskets are storing dry vegetables such as onions and potatoes that Indian households stock up on. They can be cleaned easily therefore you don’t have to be concerned about the residues left by these veggies.

Cleaning Accessories for Modular Kitchen

Detergent Pull-out/Holder

This accessory is usually fitted in the under-sink cabinet

Function: This accessory is a great way of keeping all the clean essentials like detergents, phenyl, dishwashing soap, and other cleaning agents in one place. You can even keep extra scrubs or cleaning brushes here.

Bin Holder

This accessory is usually fitted in the under-sink cabinet or any of the base cabinets.

Function: To just simplify it, this accessory is a holder where the garbage bin can be fitted. It makes sure your dustbin gets pushed within the cabinets instead of being visible outside your kitchen.

This accessory is usually fitted in the middle or bottom drawer in the base cabinet.

Function: Using this accessory is very easy because it is inside a drawer instead of a cabinet. Also, this is offering more space so you can go for it if you like your cleaning supplies to be stocked up.

Drawer Organizer

This accessory is usually fitted into one of the wall cabinets.

Function: The function of this accessory is the same as the detergent pull-out as well as the drawer organizer. But, it is easy to reach because it is placed on the top shelves. Also, it is meant for kitchens that are carrying fewer cleaning supplies.


Now that you are having a clear idea of all the accessories for modular kitchens, you can check through The Heaven world and find the most preferred brands for Modular Kitchen Accessories. You must make an informed choice by fitting your kitchen with whatever it needs to be just as functional as you want it to be.


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