12 Trendy Paper Clips

A few paper clips of different colors coated in a mixture of plastic and rubber. In 1998, three center-college teachers in Whitwell, Tenn. (pop. 1,500) came up with a challenge for paperclips game hack the eighth grade class: Learn about intolerance by learning the Holocaust. The scholars read The Diary of Anne Frank and did web research, discovering that during World War II, the Norwegians wore paper clips in their lapels as a silent gesture of solidarity and sympathy with Hitler’s victims.

And then there was the practice car. The Schroeders discovered one of the actual rail vehicles used to move Jews to the dying camps, and organized for it to be shipped to Whitwell. Local carpenters repaired the leaky roof and rotting floor, and the automobile was positioned exterior the high school as a Holocaust memorial. Inside had been eleven million paper clips, representing six million Jews and 5 million gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others who were murdered by the Nazis. Additionally a suitcase which German youngsters had stuffed with notes to Anne Frank.