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How many times have you wondered if there is a way to save water at home? Surely more than once, but you have never stopped to think about them seriously to apply them together with your family or friends, in case you share a flat. You need a list of tips to save water at home!

When we get the water bill, it will always depend on the time we are in because normally it usually comes more in winter due to heating and hot showers than in summer, but not everything depends on this, but on the habits that we have when opening or closing a tap.

Therefore, as we anticipated at the beginning of this post, we are going to provide you with a list of tips to plumber bristol to save water at home in an easy and simple way and for the whole family, since the smallest of the house can also do it.

Don’t miss anything we tell you below and read carefully!

Tips to save water at home the easy way

First of all, have you ever wondered how many places in your home do you use water? Surely you have never stopped to think about this, because the act of opening or closing a tap is something innate that we do without thinking and automatically, but we have to bear in mind that as a general rule we use it in two areas: the bathroom and the kitchen.

Let’s not forget those who live in a villa or plot and have their own garden or pool, who also have to take into account these tips to save water at home.

Let us begin!

How can I save water in the bathroom?

In order to save water in our home, we have to take into account the bathroom is one of the places where we spend a large part of the time when we are at home and therefore we must take into account some of these recommendations to be able to save water at home :

  • Choosing to shower instead of bathing. It is much faster and we use less water.
  • Regulate the cistern of your toilet. One of the tips to save water at home that you will notice the most.
  • Turn off the shower tap when you lather your hair. We all like to feel the heat in the shower, but this gesture can save you because you will not use that water while you lather.
  • Put flow regulators on the taps. It is one of the devices that will help you save on water consumption.

How can you save water in the kitchen?

Continuing with our list of tips to save water at home, another of the rooms that we have to take into account is the kitchen since we also spend a large part of the day in them. Let’s go with the recommendations to save water in your kitchen :

  • Use appliances with energy-saving label A, A ++, or A +++. Whatever this type of electrical appliance costs you for your kitchen, you will save both in electricity consumption and in water consumption.
  • When you put the washing machine or the dishwasher, make sure that it is always with a full load, you will avoid having to put two and therefore you will be saving light and water.
  • Make sure that the taps do not drip when you are not using it. This is an unnecessary expense, which as you may not realize is going to be expensive.
  • Try to wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl or container to avoid having to be with the tap running. The consumption of water will be much higher than if you concentrate in a container.
  • Soak pots and pans in soapy water before scrubbing. In this way, the dirt on them after cooking will be removed more easily than if you start rubbing under the tap until it is removed.
  • In case you scrub by hand, avoid leaving the tap running when you are lathering the dishes, it is time to let the water run without using it.

After these tips to save water at home, especially in places like the bathroom or kitchen, what if you have a private garden or pool in your home? Do you know the tricks to save water? Pay attention!

Tips to save water in your home garden

Not all of us have that luck, but there are many people who have a private garden at home, which they have to take care of and maintain so that it is full of life and in perfect condition, but here are some tips to save water in your home when gardening:

  • To water a large garden, install sprinklers and program them, in such a way that they are more efficient and take advantage of every drop of water.
  • Try to water the lawn together with the plants at times of the day that you know that the water is not going to evaporate, because if not your work will be worthless.
  • Try to use a broom to clean the leaves or the porch instead of the hose, you will avoid wasting water unnecessarily.

Tips to save water in your private pool

Finally, we are going to give you some tips to save water at home when cleaning and caring for your private pool:

  • Check that there is no leak on the surface of it since you will avoid having to refill it every time you use it and in turn losing water.
  • Prevent the water from evaporating by covering the pool when you are not using it. In this way, you will prevent it from getting dirty constantly and you will not have to use cleaning devices.


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