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A small handheld tool used for turning bolts and screws which have hexagonal sockets  the one and only tool which can get be used is an Allen key which is so called as hex key. Eastman Shop offers allen keys and have the best quality to buy allen keys from the Eastman Shop. Many people assume that to buy allen key is new but on the other side that allen key is so old that means it had been used from the past years. The concept of a hexagonal-shaped screwdriver came in the mid-1800s and became popular and they are available in different sizes.

Allen keys arrive in various types:

L-Style Allen Keys

L- Style allen key can be easily available everywhere as it is a standard key. Having L-shape, it can reach into tight spots and provide control when needed and if we are looking to get only one set, this would be a perfect option. Many choices available in the market, though a 1.5-10mm   a good value purchase.


A popular tool, mostly used in motorsport applications. Due to the T-handle, one can spin the wrench quickly, while allowing enough leverage in common usage. These wrenches allow it to slide into a position to create an L-shaped tool and are quickly becoming popular among bike mechanics.


Professional workshops use P-handle. These are oversized L-wrench and with a comfortable grip that gives them similar benefits as of a T-handle.

Folding Hex Key

These are mostly loved by bicyclists and motorbike riders. Allen keys are not like that, it is nearly impossible to lose a folded wrench, as they are enclosed in the handle. They are normally folded out at 90 degrees from the storage handle so as to give the maximum torque.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is an important part of workshop, especially when working with delicate components but it cannot make a replacement for allen key.

Five Uses for Allen Keys

Bicycle Repair– Basically these tools are used for bike repairs and size adjustments. The wide range of sizes allows them to be used in different applications, and their compact size makes them potable.

Furniture Repairs– Allen screws are an essential piece of hardware for the furniture at its place. It allows assembling the furniture without putting the unnecessary things. Their compact design makes them difference in appearance and having strength in fastening.

Cars and Motorcycles– We would need an Allen key set for the proper maintenance of your car. Allen keys are helpful while accessing the areas under the seat, and places under the dash like behind the glove compartment.

Electronics- Allen wrenches are becoming very familiar have a great dealing on people with repairing and maintaining electronics. As electronics are becoming more and more compact in size, Allen keys are being used to support their size. Computers and large television screens are held together with these screws from the backside.


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