Food3 Foolproof Tips by Experts on How to Buy Italian Olive Oil

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Italy, one of the fascinating countries in Europe, is home to rich cultural history, natural beauty, delicious dishes, and olive oil. Loaded with fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin K, olive oil is known as the healthiest fat in the food world. However, you need to be careful when you are on a mission to buy Italian olive oil. It is because all olive oils are not equals, and many out there are bad.

The best guarantee of pure olive oil is its manufacturer or the merchant who sells it. Apart from that, the bottle or tin of olive oil is the best resource to identify whether or not you are investing in a quality product. 

There is a lot to know about buying a genuine, high-quality olive oil product. You need to be extra vigilant when searching for Italian extra virgin olive oil online. Below are some proven tips by experts to find and get a quality olive oil product from Italy. 

  • Look for ‘Made in Italy’

Several merchants claim to offer genuine products, even when the items are not made in Italy. The first thing you need to know about a product is whether or not it is made by an Italian brand. Collect information about the brand, and ensure that the company is well-known for its olive oil products. 

If you do not find the ‘made in Italy’ tag anywhere on a bottle or the product’s page online, ditch the supplier and look for another option. 

  • Find Products by Popular Brands

One of the safest ways to buy genuine Italian olive oil is to choose a product by a renowned brand. For example, De Cecco extra virgin olive oil is a top-quality product that is obtained exclusively from Italian olives. People who use the brand’s olive oil know it is one of the best products in the market. 

Similarly, look for companies that have been offering olive oil for a long time. 

  • Pay Attention to the Bottle

Similar to getting white truffle oil, buying olive is tricky. In addition to information on a brand, you need to consider the product’s packaging. 

Air, light, and heat are the enemies of olive oil. To protect it, producers store the oil in dark containers. Apart from that, ensure that it is a glass bottle or a tin. If your supplier is offering you a plastic bottle, then do not take it. 

Although a clear bottle doesn’t mean a bad product, consider it a red flag if it’s not in a box. The box protects the oil from light and heat. 

Also, ensure that the bottle is not leaking and there is not a broken or loose seal.   


Once you have succeeded in the quest to buy Italian olive oil, your next objective should be to store it in the right way. Keep your olive oil in your pantry and do not store at a place where the sun can shine on it. Otherwise, it may ruin the taste. Get a genuine product and use it for cooking delicious dishes! 



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