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With the onset of self-publishing, novice authors often get swept away with the excitement of becoming a published author and rush away too quick into self-publishing. However for a new Indie author, it becomes all too easy to upload the book within 24 hours, thus making a new digital book available for sale. But when you take this route, without even thinking of building essential marketing and promotional strategies, it becomes a never-ending game of catching up. Without doing essential work before tapping on the publish button, it seems like throwing a bottle into the ocean with a hope that someone will find your note inside and will buy a copy of your book.

A better way to successfully self-publish your book online is to stick to the basics first, before jumping on to the publishing process. So let us have a look at the essential tips before self-publishing your book:


  • Make sure your manuscript is a Good One

Many authors are of the opinion that a couple of quick reads and running the document through Microsoft Work spell checker is the end of the process. Getting your work ready for publishing requires a lot of work, as errors, typos and particularly the inconsistencies that are rarely identified by the author. The best way to prepare your manuscript is to use a premium account of grammar checker like Grammarly. Make sure you properly proofread your entire document because a poor manuscript accounts for fewer sales, eventually.


  • Do not create your own Book Cover

A quality book cover is must for your book. And do not even think of designing your book cover by yourself, until and unless you are an expert in graphic designing and Photoshop. Therefore, you must hire a professional book cover designer. Even if your book is brilliant, a poor book cover will turn off your instant sales. So spend your money to pay for a professionally designed book cover.


  • Sync your Social Media Accounts with your new book

If you are to publish your book online, make sure that your social media accounts reflect your new status. This might even mean beginning new accounts, or at least modifying your existing social media accounts. Keep a check on all your profile descriptions and then mention that you write books. Today, social media plays a significant role in online promotion; therefore make sure that your social media accounts are fine-tuned and ready to spread the message about your new book, before it is released.


There are many more elements that are involved in getting you ready to publish your book online. Just rushing to self-publishing without having a perfect plan in place will result in disappointment. So don’t just get swept away by any random gust, get your things right first, before you self-publish.


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