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Adam WilliamAugust 27, 2020588 min
As the summer kicks off your home stats heating up. The heat goes sometimes to an extreme level and causes cracks in the cement of the wall. There are two main methods to keep your home cool during hot summers. One is to install a modern HVAC system and enjoy a cool summer, with that you might have to face huge electricity bills. The second way is to install an efficient roof that can keep your home cool throughout summers. Using a cool roof, you can even avoid excessive electricity bills as well. You can use the following tips to install cool roofing systems in your home.

Some of the top cool roofing systems

1#. Select a cool roofing material

To enjoy the benefits of a cool roof you need to use the cool roofing materials. You may have selected the conventional shingles style roof, probably because everyone uses them and they are quite trendy. Still, they are not efficient enough that can keep the heat outside. The second contestant for the cool roofing systems is the typical asphalt roofs. Well, the traditional dark color of asphalt roof absorbs tons of heat, but it can be coated with heat-reflective granules to keep it cool. Another good option is a metal roof and you can hire a roofing contractor to coat it with heat resistant material.

2#. Install a green roof

Being a nature lover you are going to love this cool roofing system. This style of roofing is adopted by the multistory buildings that accumulate excessive amounts of heat or on a roof that has a slight slope. The installation is relatively easy; all you need is to create a garden on the rooftop. You need real experts to do it because you need to protect the roof at the same time. This garden acts like a filter that absorbs all the heat and releases it in the atmosphere through evaporation.

3#. Use an efficient ventilation system

The intelligent roofing companies always recommend having an attic for better roof performance. An attic not only offers extra space that can serve as a storeroom, but it can become an important cool roofing system. During summers by keeping the windows of your attic open can optimize the performance of your roof. The attic receives all the heat and releases it to the atmosphere without transmitting it to the lower level. You may call it a buffer zone. This ventilation procedure can be further improved by installing a good exhaust system. Also read: Advantages Of Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems

4#. The mist cooling system

The mist cooling system doesn’t require a modification to your existing roof. This means whether you have shingles or regular asphalt roofs you can still optimize their performance. The mist cooling system is usually installed on commercial buildings but it can be used at homes as cool roofing systems. The functionality is quite simple; you just need to install some shower like a device like in gardens that continually sprinkle water on the roof. As a result, the temperature of the roof drops down and the water evaporates. A continuous feed of water is a must and you should consult your roofing contractor before installation. Everyone wants to enjoy a cool roof and chilled environment at home during summers. In reality, only a few that put effort behind their desires. The best economical way to cool off your home is to adopt a cool roofing system. Rather than throwing cool air at you, it cools down your roof and consequently, your home doesn’t heat up. Whether your roof is eligible to install a cool roofing system or not should be left for experts to decide. It is highly recommended not to attempt any installation without consulting your contractor. The roof specs are very important to be viewed before installation.

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