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If you are someone who loves wearing slippers, Mochi shoes should be your go-to place to buy one. Slippers are not only comfortable to wear, but they also offer much-needed space for your feet. But for those who have always protested slippers and battled for more enclosed footwear such as shoes, here are four reasons why slippers are everyone’s favourite pair of footwear.

  1. They keep your cold feet warm: The first and foremost reason why you should wear slippers at home is that they keep your cold feet warm. If the flooring in your home tends to get cold, making your feet cool down quickly, prevent the rigidness that comes with cold feet by wearing comfortable slippers at home. There are various kinds of slippers available to choose from only at Mochi shoes.
  2. Slippers help with sweaty feet: Be it summer or winter, it’s annoying to deal with sweaty feet. But you can save yourself from this trouble by wearing slippers. Since slippers tend to keep your feet open, your feet won’t be sweating as they do when you wear shoes. Slippers also save you from the trouble of wearing socks, another factor that can prevent sweaty feet
  3. Slippers make you more productive: No, we are not cracking a joke! Slippers do tend to make you more productive. Think about it; you have tons of errands to run on your day off, such as buying groceries or running to the bank but limited time in your hands. Wear slippers when running errands, which will save you so much time. While you will take a few minutes to find your shoes, matching socks and tie your shoelaces, slippers will save you all the time in the world. Just slide your feet in, and you’re good to go. Now that you’ve saved your precious time by choosing to wear slippers instead of shoes how about treating yourself to some ice cream while grocery shopping?
  4. Slippers give you a better grip: If you have the habit of wearing socks in the house, how often have you slipped or almost slipped? If you’re looking at your injuries from all the slipping in the house, it’s time to switch to slippers. Buy slippers with an anti-sole from Myntra, which will give you the necessary grip and stability to stay safe.

Apart from all these benefits, slippers keep your feet clean, and so does your house. Imagine all the dirt that gets collected in your feet from walking barefoot in the house or even in your backyard, for that matter. Now imagine all that dirt getting onto your bed and sofa while you sit to relax, even for a few minutes. Save yourself from the hassles of cleaning your house again and again by wearing slippers. Also, slippers are great for foot support, especially if you are wearing orthopaedic inserts due to abnormal foot positions.

Now that you have so many benefits to wear slippers, don’t wait for any ahead to buy the best slippers from Myntra.


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