Fashion and Lifestyle4 Ways To Wear Chain Ring To Your Workplace

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The jewelry world has a lot to offer in the rings for women. From infinity rings to plain rings, there’s a lot you can choose from. But when it comes to glamour, the most sought-after choice is chain rings. These rings adore your finger beautifully and offer great scope to style your hands. If your partner has gifted a chain ring at your wedding or anniversary, you can easily use them every day. They can even be paired with your workplace attire. How? Read on to unlock the secret. 

Team up with wristwatch

One thing you probably wear every day to the office is a wristwatch. If not, you can prefer to pair them every day with your wedding chain ring. Wristwatches with rings can make your hands look well-groomed and appealing. They also go well with office attire without being too extravagant. The best part is, you can switch to various wristwatches and the same ring, and nobody would notice.

Let your nails do the talking.

The thing that people notice when you talk or make gestures is your hands, specifically nails. Therefore, you can impress everyone around by wearing the chain ring with polished and manicured nails. You can get your nails done at the salon or do it at home. You can also accessorize the nails matching the pattern of your gold ring. Many salons also do nail accessories with manicured nails. 

Pair with other rings

Wearing more than one ring on one finger looks appealing. It is trendy and a great choice to style your chain ring. You can play with different styles and try on patterns like gold dome rings or plain bands. Simple bands make great pairs with chain rings. Based on the attire, you can even wear more than two rings on one finger. But make sure to balance the accessories by avoiding a watch. Or, you can choose to wear rings and watch in different hands. 

Set it alone

If you have picked a wide chain ring, it can even manage to stand out alone. You can avoid all other accessories to bring all eyes to your precious ring. You may prefer to wear dark-colored outfits to highlight their shine. 

There are a lot more ways to wear chain rings everyday. You only need the right style and matching accessories. You can even play with different metals to bring a change. 


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