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WordPress is one of the important CMS ( Content Management System) for any type of website creation. WordPress plugins are a great addition as a tool to WordPress functionality. Today, I will tell you about some best WordPress plugins through you can engage your website visitors for a longer time duration.

A suitable plugin should be chosen depending on the on the niche/category of your website. But there are some best WordPress plugins which you can try on every type of website and increase the user interaction rate on your website. Several Top digital marketing agencies use these plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins in 2019:

WP Google Analytics:

Google Analytics can be a very useful plugin for any WordPress website or a blog website. With this plugin, you can analyze the traffic on a particular blog or any web page on the website in WordPress itself.

It is very simple to activate this plugin, You just need to put the Google Analytics tracking code into this plugin and the interesting fact is, this plugin is completely free and You can check the analytics report in your WordPress dashboard only.

Google Adsense (Easy Google Adsense):

Nowadays so many website owners run ads on their website through Google Adsense, but sometimes it is quite difficult to manage the ads on the different pages on a website because of the many Ad sizes. But this plugin can help you. You just need to add the publisher ID of your Google Adsense account.

After adding the publisher ID you will be able to manage all the Adsense ads through this plugin. You can easily run the ads of different sizes on the particular web page as per the content style of that web page.


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