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Celebrities are living the life that most “ordinary” people are dreaming of, filled with tremendous wealth, with diverse lists of career opportunities, with influential connections here and there, and with dazzling fame. There’s obviously something BIG about being a celebrity — extremely big that even little kids who don’t know yet a lot about the world aspire to become one. 

Well, let’s not hide the fact that there are tons of downsides in becoming a celebrity, too, and they can be worse than you know! But be informed that this piece does not focus on the negatives. Instead, it’s going to enlighten you about a community that you are definitely a part of as well. What community is that? The community of fan bases. 

It might be a hard truth for celebrities, but their fame cannot exist without their fans. Their careers will not shine brightly without a lot of fans actively supporting them. You want to know why? Here are 5 major reasons why celebrities are thankful for their big and active fan bases!



How does a rookie singer, a beginner actor or a new band become very well-known within a country or throughout the world? Besides their station’s or their celebrity management company’s promotion efforts, how? 

People who eventually become fans of these celebrities’ notable performances spread the word because of their amazement. They do that through word of mouth; when they catch up with friends, they might share about the new artists whose works they find admirable. Or they are too excited that they talk about them all day long! 

Meanwhile, social media sharing buttons spread the news more swiftly. Say one fan has a thousand friends on Facebook, and many of them are not aware that this particular boy band exists. This fan is an active sharer of the band’s fan-made videos and short concert clips. Of course, some of this fan’s Facebook friends will see these posts on their timelines, and some of them might actually get interested. Who knows, some might eventually become new fans too?!

Celebrities get advertised without charges and fees through these people they gain as fans. These fans invite non fans to discover and stan them. Fans may not be aware that what they are doing can be considered free advertisement because they just do it for their love and appreciation towards their faves. 

This is how big fan bases grow bigger and bigger.



There are award competitions where celebrities win through nominations and voting done by judges, but many of them are also totally based on fan votes, or a huge percentage comes from the public.

Celebrities who have big fan bases who are also very active when it comes to voting or streaming their music or videos in social media platforms have a strong edge! Their fans surely know the dates of the nominations and votings, so they will gather and communicate to make sure their favorite personalities win or at least be among the top placers. Many fans even spend money when product or album purchases count to their idols’ votes. 

Because of this, celebrities can just sit back and wait for the results if the contest is based on public votes. Those with large fan bases who seem to be never sleeping can relax that their supportive fans will help them bring home the bacon!



Everybody knows how most celebrities are already very rich, if not because of their obvious hard work, because of their own family background. Yet even if that’s the case, they still receive loads of gifts on their birthdays, debut anniversaries and other life milestones! 

Fans from various parts of the country or of the world send them gifts. Not to mention, so many of these gifts are expensive too. Their fan bases often open fund drives or donation drives to buy presents for them. 

Sent to their celebrity management company, these gifts are loved by the celebrities, typically shown through photos they upload to their social media accounts where they interact with fans.



One of the disadvantages of being a celebrity is the unavoidable possibility to have bashers or haters. They may have innumerable supporters, but nobody can please everyone; these stars aren’t likeable for some people too. 

But celebrities are truly thankful for their fans who are there to defend and protect them in the right ways. Sometimes, fan wars even happen online because of this. Though celebrities don’t like fan wars, the fans just can’t help but fight for them. 

Especially when fake news and baseless scandals that aim to ruin the celebrities’ reputation and career arise, their fans are on the front line when it comes to protecting these stars. Some fandoms even say that they are doing a better job than their favorite artists’ celebrity management companies when it comes to taking care of them. 



Lastly, celebrities gain new families from their fan bases. There are instances when people who were “just fans” become friends and personal assistants of their favorite stars. It’s a dream come true for those fans, right? But they are definitely a blessing to these celebrities too. 

Yet even when the celebrities do not personally know their fans and the other way around, they still consider their team as a family. They root for each other and are glad for each other’s existence. It’s cheesy for some, but fans get hurt when their faves get hurt, and celebrities also don’t like it when their supporters are in unlikeable situations. Not related by blood, but they are also family. 



When you are a celebrity, it is really good to know when there are people called fans who are cheering for your success and happiness. Though even non celebrities can experience that in some related ways, celebrities are the ones who inevitably experience that everyday in the biggest ways. 

It is indeed heartwarming to see and hear how many popular celebrities are humbled knowing that they have fans who have their backs no matter what. Without a doubt, there are a lot of things that celebrities must be thankful for towards their fans because though they cannot name them one by one, these fan bases are always doing so much for them. 

Many fans say that they are very grateful for the existence of their favorite celebrities, but little do many of them know that their beloved stars are filled with more gratitude because they exist.  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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