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Why do you love being a parent? Is it because of waking up to your baby’s smile? Or Is it because of the strong bond you share with your baby? Is it because of being able to talk to your baby in ways you could never have imagined before? No matter what your reason is, it is understood that your baby means the world to you, and you love them incessantly. Love has no boundaries, and the love that you feel for your baby cannot be measured. Because of this, you go out of your way to make sure your baby gets all the best things in the world to lead a healthy life. And talking about such necessities brings us to reiterate how important skincare and haircare are for your baby’s healthy development. Have you thought about how you would go about it and bring an improvement in your baby’s life? 

We are certain that you would have shopped for many baby products such as baby shampoo and lotion. But are you sure that they are safe for your little one? Hence, we suggest using natural products from Mamaearth. They are Asia’s 1st brand with MadeSafe Certified Products and are safe for your little one. 

Here are 5 Mamaearth products for your baby, ranging from baby shampoo to sunscreen that you’ll love. 

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

It may seem that your baby hardly has a lot of hair, but hair care is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Your baby needs a hair cleansing formula or a baby shampoo that is mild and tear-free. At the same time, the formula should have the essential ingredients to provide nourishment to the hair while cleaning the scalp gently. This is where the Baby shampoo for hair from Mamaearth comes into the picture because of its natural ingredients and safety established for infant use. 

Foaming Face Wash

A foaming face wash for babies may sound like a luxurious product, unlike the baby shampoo for hair. However, this face wash for babies is as important as including the baby shampoo in the routine. Your baby ends up dirtying the face very often. Hence, your baby needs a tear-free and gentle face wash equipped with the goodness of natural ingredients. This will help in gently cleaning up foreign particles, food stains, spill-up residues, and more. At the same time, it will keep your baby’s face soft and supple.

Body Wash for Babies

Giving your baby a joyful bath not just cleans your little one but also acts as a therapy for exhaustion along with strengthening your bond. If you use a gentle body wash along with the baby shampoo for hair from Mamaearth, you will be able to provide better care for your small one. The hydrating baby wash will help in curing rashes, allergic reactions, and more. At the same time, your baby’s natural softness of the skin will be restored and enhanced. 

Baby Sunscreen

It is expected that you would like to take your baby out and spend quality time together outdoors. Then how about the harmful UV rays? You can stop worrying if you buy a baby sunscreen from Mamaearth that will nourish your baby’s skin and keep the harmful sun rays at bay. Simultaneously, it will keep your baby’s skin hydrated and nourished. 

Laundry Detergent for Babies

You may be using the best baby shampoo and a baby body wash. However, that does not ensure your baby is spotlessly clean. You need to make sure that the clothes worn by your baby should be germ-free and clean. For this, a baby laundry detergent is needed and not a regular laundry detergent. What difference will it make, though? The baby laundry detergent does not have harmful chemicals that cause damage to your baby’s skin. Also, there are no adulterations involved in making the baby laundry detergent, which denotes the safety level. 

This sums up the five main baby products that you must purchase for your baby as a caring parent in Dubai, UAE from Mamaearth. You can read reviews by other parents and buy your favorites online.


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