Health and Fitness5 Miraculous Tips to Rejuvenate your Hair

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There is no denying that taking care of yourself has become quite difficult to manage along with your busy schedule. We comprehend that your health and hair have to pay a hefty tax for it, and you have no idea how to control hair fall. But we are here to make things a little easier. We have rounded up five miraculous tips to rejuvenate your hair amid your busy schedule. Let us take a look at them. 

  1. Oil It

The answer to your question of how to control hair fall is Oiling your hair frequently. Doing so will keep your mane healthy and nourished. There are several types of oil available. You can choose coconut, castor, and olive oil to protect your hair from the roots to the tips. These oils will take care of your hair cuticles, shaft, and the keratin spots that have been damaged.

  1. Sleep Enough

A busy work schedule means less sleep. When you are worried about how to control hair fall, getting adequate sleep is all that you need. It is significantly responsible for your falling hair. According to studies, if you do not get enough sleep for long, it makes hair look and feels dull due to excessive production of oil in the scalp. You should ensure that you are getting a 7-8 hour sleep most of the days.

  1. Check On Your Diet

When you are thinking of how to control hair fall, checking on your diet can be helpful. If you are not eating healthy and consuming more junk, processed, and fried foods, it reflects on your hair. It does not get the adequate amount of nutrition it deserves, such as protein, which is essential for its healthy growth and strong roots. So, in such situations, it will help to take in eatables that are protein-rich, such as green vegetables, lean meat, fish, pulses, etc.

  1. Say Yes To Right Products

Your question of how to control hair fall can be answered by saying yes to the right products for your mane. Choosing any hair product would not work because there are different types of hair, such as oily and dry, and each has its requirements and no-nos. So it will be wise to pick the ones that suit your hair type. Also, avoiding those that contain parabens and sulfates will act as a bonus.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing is equally vital for your hair. Therefore, using a conditioner after shampooing can be a great way to keep your mane feeling nourished and healthy. If it is not possible after every wash, then deep conditioning will work just as fine once a week. How about a spa at home!


Following the miraculous tips mentioned above will help you rejuvenate your damaged hair even if you have a hectic schedule. Your hair needs food as you do; depriving them of it will lead to hair fall, split ends, etc. Keeping your mane well-nourished is also essential to make you look good every time you let your hair down or style it any way you want. 


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