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Get few people together, and they will have a community forming around them! Every so often it is advanced that we humans are social beings by nature. Then why do you need an HR department for, much less a whole team for Human Resource Management!

When in resource crunch, the HR department is the first to be hit with the cutbacks. If it’s a small company, then top management would rather outsource the recruitment and dissolve HR department altogether! So, the question remains — When in disorder humans can form order! Socialize! Do bargains! And eventually model an arrangement based on their necessities! Then, why do you need an HR department?

You need an HR team because.

Organizational effectiveness! An in-house Human Resource Management Department can do much more than hiring for your company. A well-positioned HR team can enhance your performance and directly impact profits. A capable, motivated, and adaptive workforce is the core of a successful organization. Humans may be naturally social, but the associations they form, may or may not be fruitful to the operations of a business. For organizations to run effectively, the rules of associations need to be defined such that they complement the structure of the organization and its objectives. An HR department comes handy with these arts —they work out and implement the communication design, protocols for reporting, raising complains, and much more, along with the C-suite.

5 Reasons it’s time to begin a Human Resource Department

  1. Hiring, Retention, and Succession.

Workforce planning is the core function of Human Resource Management. Even though recruitment can be outsourced to an external agency, an in-house department can leverage referrals from existing employees for new hiring and also identify internal talent primed for advanced roles. Apart from hiring, they also plan induction activities, periodic training and methods to foster camaraderie within the organization. Such a strategic approach to talent retention becomes even more crucial for organizations as they grow.

  1. Bird’s eye monitoring.

Though tasked for management, an HR department can also help an organization reap more from fewer employees through monitoring employees’ progress towards organization’s end goals. It can give a bird’s eye stats of the participation by every cog in company’s growth. Strategically placed HR departments are now monitoring through HR Information System (HRIS) and other reporting and analytics software.

  1. Keeping organization legal.

Most senior-level HR pros come armed with one of the best HR certifications, shows a survey by PayScale. Certified HR professionals are generally versed with important company laws that should dictate an organization’s attitude toward employees, their salary, insurance and the likes. An HR department will keep your organization legit, while also keeping your purse-strings tight.

  1. Go-to person for managing conflict.

Conflict at workplace is inevitable. A Human Resource Management Department could be the therapist you didn’t think you need. Effective HR professionals are marked by a steady stream of matters approaching them for consultation. From management to bottom rung employees, they become the ‘go-to person’ for any sort of conflict management. This keeps the organization’s environment healthy and manpower satisfied.

  1. Employees’ health and safety.

Finally, an HR department can maintain safety and health standards at your workplace. Yes, it includes periodic visits by health professionals, but mainly this reference is for the emergency numbers, warning signs, safety drills, and such cautions to be undertaken within organizations.


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