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A pleasant house is incomplete without a door that welcomes everyone who is about to enter. You can add creativity and glamour to your house by picking a stylish entrance door that wows your visitors and every person who passes by your abode. 

There are several door types you can choose from. They also come with particular functions and purposes aside from merely being a “door”. This selection process of building a house or improving it is both exciting and challenging because you don’t just pick a door of your liking, but you also consider your needs.

To help you with deciding on what door to install to grace your house, here are 5 stylish types of them briefly explained for your better understanding.



As its name implies, a sliding door is the type of door you have to slide sideways to close and to open it, that’s to enter and to exit through it. If you want a vast opening for your house, this type is a good pick. The door moves on a track, so it doesn’t consume any space at all other than that single track it takes. For a minimalist look, sliding doors can do the clean look trick.

A sliding door is energy efficient. It can work productively as a blockade between weather elements and the interior of your house. It assures you that rain, dust and other unwanted environmental bits do not get into your home. Glass sliding doors also enable natural light to be accessible for you even when you’re just under your house’s roof. That makes a really convenient spot for an Instagram-worthy selfie!

Easy access is another advantage of having sliding doors. You can easily go to outdoor areas like your backyards and gardens. It’s also a nice bet if you want to just enjoy the beautiful views outside from your living room. 

This is also advantageous for parents to take pleasure in seeing their kids happily playing at their family’s grassy playground. This would be your favorite if you’re a parent! You can essentially keep an eye on your kids, so you can make sure that they are safe and that their sudden needs can be immediately met by you. 



The next type of door is not too common among houses, but those who have this are actually onto the next level of styling and making their houses even more unique. This is called a dutch door, and you can easily identify it because of how it looks and functions. 

A dutch door is divided horizontally in the middle. That means one door has an upper part and a lower part — both of which can be opened separately and wholly. There are different panels used to create this door. 

If you see a dutch door, you’ll definitely feel and think that the house is one of a kind. Rarely do people install this, but when some do, it truly catches good attention. Although some use this type for their main doors, the dutch door is commonly seen also at the kitchen area because this is the ideal kind for it. 

You can let in fresh air by opening the upper portion of the dutch door. It will look like a huge open window, but it really is a door. While you do that, you do not have to worry about your little kids and your pets going out of the house without you knowing or if ever you fall asleep while the top part is open. You are also able to prevent unidentified and unowned creatures such as astrayed dogs from getting inside your house.

It’s up to you whether you want a glass for the upper panel or a solid design for more privacy. Dutch doors are definitely extraordinary doors that have both the looks and the use. 



With its name, you probably already have an idea of how this door type looks. It is composed of more than a single door, and it can be folded. The bifold door has huge benefits aside from the fact that it can actually give you a more maximized view of the outdoors, especially as it’s usually made of glass. 

At first look and without actually opening it, you will think that it’s the standard sliding glass door. That’s because they look alike when they are closed. The bifold door should be folded to be closed. The folds look like pages of a book neatly divided. It allows you and other people in your house to move freely from one room to another or from outside to inside and vice versa.   

This bifold door can ensure that you are kept secure inside your house because it has multi-point locks. If any bad person attempts to enter, he or she will have to do a lot of unlockings first before succeeding. Might as well give up because bifold doors aren’t the typical glass doors everybody knows. This type has high-security hinges that will mostly be easy to access only if you own the house.



French doors give your house a fancy look! Their elegant image does not end there because they also come with big boons! When you need to take in huge furniture and home essentials into your house, you need an extensive entry point. French doors are great for those instances! The same goes when you’re holding a big family or friends gathering in your house. Vast main doors help you accommodate guests without hassle. 

A French door is really helpful because it can also serve a double purpose. This type of door can also be used to replace windows. It is also made of heavy duty materials. Its distinct design also boosts air retention since it does not take a long time to open it. 




Have you ever heard of the door type named “storm”? It’s not commonly known, but storm doors are beyond the ordinary! This type is made up of two layers of doors. The other is a glass door, and the other is a solid door of probably any type you wish. 

The storm door looks so fabulous, and it’s not just visually pleasing but also very profitable since it is made for stormy seasons. It guards your house and your home from harsh and inclement weather conditions.  It also enhances energy efficiency and introduces noise-reducing facets. Even if it’s thunderous and noisy outside, you can still stay peaceful inside your home.   

Additionally, its double door feature serves as a strong security against thieves. Storm doors can come with a tough and advanced security feature, with vault locks, or enhanced fiberglass and screens.



If you’re going for a DIY homebuilding, you can definitely design your door all you want! You yourself can buy stuff and choose how it will be placed in your house. With all the other doors you have, you can be as inventive as you want to. Meanwhile, hiring adept new home builders, who happily customizes homes according to clients’ requests, would be beneficial since you can combine your own desired dash with their expert recommendations which are surely favorably both in functionality and visual quality.

Whatever door type you opt for, make sure you keep it closed for your security and safety, and open for the good people and the good things in life. Doors are portals to your house and to every part of it. Make every entrance to every room a delightful one. A happy home isn’t just contained with happiness inside but also even at the doorsteps. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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