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After every decade or more, the exterior side of your house would need to be painted all over again. Keep in mind that painting your house will only protect it from external elements but also keep it looking visually appealing and also increase the value of the house.

When it comes to painting, most people consider it a DIY venture. Well, if you have the right tools and experience, you can do it. But still painting a whole house all by yourself can and will take a lot of time.

Let’s suppose that you do not live in a rancher, no you’ll be needing a tall ladder to reach to the top of the house, right? Or maybe it’s your first time painting the house, you have to buy painting supplies that you’ll only use once.

Sounds like a hassle right? These are some of the many reasons that lead people to hire a professional painter.

Things To Consider When Hiring An Exterior Painter

Do you think that hiring an exterior painter for your house is a hassle? It doesn’t have to be. How? Because we have compiled a list of a few things that you need to consider prior to painting your house. Keep reading until the end of this page. By the time you’re done, you’ll be well informed as to how to hire a reliable yet professional exterior painter.

#1: Meet The Painters Before Hiring Them

When it comes to hiring a painter for exterior painting, you should never hire them at first instance. Schedule an appointment, and meet them in person. Discuss with them the terms and conditions of the project, your budget, your requirement, and the date of delivery.

#2: Project Scope Should Be Clear

Prior to hiring the exterior painters for your house, you need to discuss with them the entire scope of the project. Things such as will you need a simple repainting job with few basic colors or would you like to make the walls stand out?

#3: Set A Proper Project Budget

Hiring a professional painter for the exterior side of your house can be very expensive. They provide you with a job that you do not have time, skills, or material.

This is why you need to set a budget for the painting project before-hand. You wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket now, would you?

#4: Read Online Reviews And Testimonials

Do you want to hire the best exterior painter near you? But don’t know which of the following companies is the best one out of the rest? Don’t worry, go online write the company’s name + online review. You’ll get a link to their customer reviews.

Hire a company that has the least number of negative reviews.

#5: Check Their License And Insurance

Always hire a company that has a valid working license and insurance. This will give you peace of mind, as if something bad happens during their provision of work, you will not be held liable for it.


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