Health and Fitness5 Ways Your Family Can Improve Their Health at Home

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It has been known for years that the most common place for health issues to occur is in the home. As a result it pays, from time to time, to take a good look around your home and try to cut out what ails you, literally. These are among the biggest offenders and how to deal with them effectively.

1. Mold

If any room of your house has an old, musty odor chances are good that it’s mold spores that are causing it. Unfortunately, moisture is mold’s major food source. The good news is that cutting or limiting moisture, wherever it is, is usually a good preventative measure.

2. Pests

There probably isn’t a home in America that doesn’t have some kind of pest problem, and that doesn’t refer to the two-legged variety either. The list of pests that could be invading your home is almost endless. Fortunately, a firm that specializes in pest control in Baltimore could make a world of difference in dealing with these critters.

3. Carpet Chemicals

Have you ever installed new carpeting in your home and couldn’t shake a headache afterwards? The chances are good that it’s the chemicals used in treating your carpet that is causing it. The biggest culprit is 4-PC, a chemical in carpet backing which evaporates after it is made.

4. Medications

The dangers of outdated medications have been discussed for years, but new medications can be just as dangerous. With their different shapes and colors, many toddlers and children mistake them for candy, often with deadly results. Lock them up or destroy them when no longer being used.

5. Cleaning Products

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, more than one million children age five and under are exposed to poisons in various forms every years. The most common of these are in the form of cleaning products. Just as is the case with medications, cleaning product makers use many different shapes and colors to get your attention at the market. Unfortunately, those same shapes and colors get a youngster’s attention as well, with often deadly results.

The good news about most of these potential hazards is that they are often easy to fix in order to eliminate the dangers associated with them. The most useful tool in eliminating them is a vigilant eye and a discerning knowledge of how to get rid of them.


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