Carpet and Rug Industry

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World of carpets: Colors and Themes

18th century, the time when crusaders brought this fancy little thing to Europe, Carpet. Since that day were evolving and the obsession for carpet has grown till date. We can’t just get over carpets and rugs. Especially when there are big sales going on and we are getting cheap carpets. This has become a trend that every year there’s a special color that has been defined by the interior designers over the world that take over the people like nothing. People rush to the stores to get an upgrade whether they have to pay weekly or monthly, that is no issue. The only issue with trendy people have is to maintain a reputation of having bold statements and fancy carpets, that actually compliment their overall look. Even if they cost them pennies. Not just in Europe but across the globe people strive to live an updated lives. Some hire consultants some do it by themselves just to have a fantasy home that many desire of having.

Carpet and Rug Industry

No doubt the carpet industry has grown, so has the passion for interior designing. Thousands of students from around the world graduate in interior designing and majority of them end up working with industries that are related to home designing. Go to any retail outlet to buy carpets whether it be Ikea carpet, carpetright carpets, Tapi carpets or united carpets. All have been following a trend made by any designer. The only difference that lies between all is the design and color scheme rest remains the same for all. Let me simplify a little more, one of the designers made a color scheme and paired it with different sofa, dining table and a coaster for a celebrity that has a million followers. What happens next? It gets viral and becomes a trend. Manufactures replicate that very design to make its availability possible for all. And people that follow that celebrity force themselves to follow that trend too. So this is how trends work. There’s this theme for every design. Asians have this royal themes with stones glass and many more fancy things that make it worth a look. Persians and Arabs have this geometrical designs with a tint of red color that is eye catchy and never gets old. One can choose easily from all the themes available or can also mix match to create a theme of your own.

Rugs Trend

Carpet and Rug

Back in 2017 the trend was so viral that every single person whether they are trend followers or not had it in their home. It was called Bold and the beautiful. This theme had charismatic vibrant colored carpets and rugs red carpets, blue carpets, purple carpets and much more colors that one can think of that fall in the bold statements. Along with matched sofa sets table runners etc. not every person rocked this theme but at least tried. The only thing was that it had s huge cost to get an overall upgrade for all your items. This issue was resolved by many retailers as they got us with an exchange offer. This was something new in its own. People in Europe never actually expected that such things can also happen. Retailers branded themselves offered free fitting and measurements and the main thing they offered was recycling all of your previous items and against these you can buy the new bold items (rugs and carpets) in a very low price. They also offered pay weekly scheme so that every person can afford an upgrade and live a happily hassle free life.

People’s Choice

People’s Choice Carpet

The trend that still has taken the world under its control is the monochrome theme for carpets walls and furniture. Even the tiles aren’t safe from their magic. As this trend started manufactures started creating related items and soon they were available in the market under the name monochrome. This one was quite pricy and not all jumped to change their visual for the room. People like me stayed and waited for a festive sale or season end sale to get myself a good deal so we can upgrade. For me it’s of no use to get an upgrade until or unless there’s a need to change things. This has many reasons behind it they might be old and are getting Damage, there might be a reason that I am shifting to a new place and new place demands for new things etc. etc.  This not only gets a reason for one to change its entire look of my home. Let’s talk about the theme that has been so much into the market that no matter which brand one visits all of them have it with the label of best sellers. We are taking about the monochrome theme. Specifically in the tone of black grey and white.

Most Favorite Theme

Black, grey white are the basic colors for monochrome theme and they are much loved by many people that one might take big steps instead of waiting for the second to end and then get ourselves the desired carpet or rug that matches our living and bedroom. Grey carpets along with black and white furniture were a complete look and people loved it to the extent that they converted their whole houses monochrome. This an indeed the height of obsession one can have. This is one simple theme that one can simply have in their living and bedrooms and is best for the ones that love black and white color. This was totally different from the traditional brown furniture paired with a lighter tone carpet (white, grey sky-blue or even brown). The only thing that makes us doubtful of going by this theme is the high maintenance level. The darker the color of the carpet in the living room knowing the fact that that is the place with high traffic could be risky. And has to be cleaned on daily basis or vacuumed to maintain the essence of the monochrome theme. Other than that the risk of getting a stain and how to remove it without damaging the carpet or the rug gives us shivers. Nevertheless, this theme is worth taking all measures because the way its elegancy manipulates the visuals of any house is remarkable.

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