Tips and Tricks6 creative ways to decorate your space with jute rugs.

AdminOctober 27, 2022346 min

Ever thought of decorating your home with a jute rugs? Yes, jute rugs can be a total game-changer in the home decor world if you know how to blend them well into your interior theme. These are the best choices if you want to have a coastal touch and some regional approach to your house. Also, jute rugs are often budget-friendly and that is why you can afford them easily for the different parts of your home. Now, for the best and most creative ways to use these jute rugs in your home decor, keep reading.

  1. Layer of these rugs – There is a misconception running that you can use only one rug per room. Well, in reality, if you want to use these jute rugs creatively, then get them in a stack of three or six, in various colours or syndicated patterns and then layer them at the centre of the room. The visual effect this layered stack of rugs makes is certainly something that will add the X factor to your home decor.
  2. Match the pattern – Creating a symmetrical pattern is always a great idea in a well-blended home decor design. Even in your room, with a jute rug, you can match the patterns and designs of these with the furniture, paint or wallpaper for an admirable effect in the house. But remember to place the rug in such a place where the patterns look well fitted together.
  3. For the high traffic areas — Jute rugs are pretty easier to clean. So if you want to create a fantastic effect in your living room or bedroom, place it where you see a lot of foot traffic. Yes, this designed jute rug will not only make the most common area of your house look good, but you can also keep it clean without much effort.
  4. The wooden effect in your house – The traditional concept of having wood as the primary element in your home decor already looks fantastic. But if you are adding the jute rug with it, then this concept looks all the more inviting. Like, for example, you can go for your traditional wooden chairs or cupboards and sofa in the room and get the jute rugs in the basic shade. It will create a basic but magnificent decor that immediately soothes you the moment you enter the space.
  5. Match it with the focal wall – The focal wall or the accent wall of your house is the primary element of your home decor. The entire beauty of the room depends on the beauty of this section of your house. And when you match your jute rugs with this wall, you create a seamless effect in the house that is well-synced and looks attractive.
  6. Contrast it with everything else – This might be the most creative yet experimental element in your home decor. If you have the guts to go in the rebel side of the decor, contrast your jute rugs with the entire theme of your room. Like, in a room full of vibrant and boho-designed decor, a basic jute rug certainly steals the attention and contrasts everything else!


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