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AdminFebruary 22, 2020515 min

There are over 500,000 apps in the iTunes store. You can find apps to help you manage your schedule, learn another language or just to entertain you. Here’s a sampling of six random apps, some free and some paid, that run the gamut from useful to just plain fun.

Darkness – 1.99

Darkness is an interesting app that’s ostensibly an advanced world clock. Like any world clock, it shows the time for cities around the world. It also gives astronomical information such as sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, the length of daylight. The Darkness app shows the times for 카지노사이트가입 civil, nautical and astronomical twilight. Darkness is a handy app for those who do business around the world and need to know the time in London or Prague, 카지노사이트쿠폰 as well as a neat toy for the astronomy buff.

Cat Physics – 1.99

Cat Physics is a fun game which will appeal to those who love Angry Birds. Instead of launching birds at pigs, the object of the game is to roll a ball from one cat to the other…but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Smart Vocab SAT – 2.99

The Smart Vocab SAT app is well worth the 2.99 investment in terms of both education and fun. Players have a limited time to select the correct definition for a word and move up levels by gaining “belts,” like in a martial arts system. This app is also just plain fun for “word nerds” who like vocabulary games.

TextNow – free

TextNow is a very handy free app which allows iPhone, iPad and iPod users to text for free. The app assigns users a free phone number so that they can receive texts from others with standard cell phones.

My Feeds – free

The My Feeds app allows users to keep up with their Google Reader feeds from their mobile device, so they’ll never miss a blog update or news story again.

Alarm Clock Pro – .99

For less than a dollar, 카지노사이트추천 iPod and iPhone users can wake up to their own playlist. The digital clock display can be customized by color and shows the weather. The only downside to Alarm Clock Pro is that the app tends to drain the battery overnight, so the device needs to be charged again in the morning.

There’s an app for everything and many are free, so have fun experimenting to find the ones that help you manage your virtual and real life.

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