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Anna SmithJuly 30, 2020389 min

Anime comes in both subbed and dubbed forms. It is a matter of your preference whether you choose subbed over dubbed or vice versa. Although subbed anime shows are in original form and give a more real vibe but that doesn’t make dubbed anime any bad.

In fact, most non-native anime lovers prefer dubbed anime over subbed because it makes it easier for them to understand and have more fun. Here we will explore some awesome dubbed online anime streaming sites briefly which will allow you to make the right decision for yourself.

So, without any further delay let’s get right into the main features and services provided by the 6 trending anime streaming websites and have brief overview of each of them


Kiss cartoon is an amazing online streaming website in terms of both video quality and number of shows. Though the site is relatively new but it is gaining popularity quickly due to its awesome streaming services and features. This website is host to hundreds of anime shows and movies and provides a very high video quality.


This website is the top priority of anime lovers all over the globe. Its interactive user interface and amazing collection of both old and new shows make this website the best for streaming anime shows online.

The site provides fewer ads and security risks and is the best bet for you when it comes to watching dubbed anime for free. If this site isn’t available or not working in your country then you can go to the Kisscartoon as an alternative to this website and have the same amount of fun.

  • Watch Cartoon Online

 Watch cartoon online is a source to a variety of different anime shows and movies both the latest and the old classics. The video quality provided by this website is remarkable. The user interface is quite interactive and efficient. This streaming site comes with the cool auto completion feature which lets you search your favourite shows quickly and with ease. You just have to type a few letters and the site automatically guesses the name of the show which is pretty awesome.


 The best feature of this website is probably its user interface which is both interactive and comprehensive. This allows its user to navigate through the site easily and to find what you are looking for quickly. The website contains a huge number of shows organised in a systematic manner into various categories and genres. You can watch the content of this website in very high quality and enjoy its awesome streaming features for free.


This website is great in terms of video quality and library of anime shows/movies. The best thing is that you can also control the quality of video on this website. This allows you to increase or reduce the video result according to your internet speed which is pretty cool. The site is also known for minimum number of ads. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience. The site covers literally every genre out there and provides both latest and old anime shows in high quality for free.


GoGoAnime is best for watching dubbed and subbed both types of anime. The site has an amazing layout and the content of this website is arranged in a structured way which makes it easier for you to sort through the stuff and find what you are looking for.

The site does not let you download its content but that is not a particularly big issue. You can use free internet download manager extension for this purpose. The video quality provided by this streaming website is HD and the number of shows it offers and the genres it covers is also great.

Final Words

 Make sure to check out all these trending anime streaming websites before making a decision. These sites are among the best streaming platforms and provide all the essential features that you need for an amazing online streaming experience. You can learn more about such streaming platforms by visiting Plasticrypt, which is a blogging website. This will give you valuable information about online anime streaming websites and many such interesting topics.

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