7 Eye Care Tips for Healthy Eyes & Sight


Eating well and working out is ideal for maintaining out physical and mental health. However, we rarely pay attention to eye health. Whether you have the perfect 20/20 vision or you have been wearing glasses for years, taking care of your eyesight is essential.

Here are the most straightforward 7 steps that can help you maintain healthy vision –

  • Go for regular eye exams

If you do not have a family history of glaucoma, you can get only one eye exam in a year. One eye check-up in 12 months is necessary for anyone who uses digital screens for more than two to three hours per day. You can schedule a complete eye exam at an eye clinic in Delhi in the next few weeks. The doctor can guide you towards the correct pair of glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses for protecting your eyes. 

  • Get a good pair of sunglasses

The harsh light, UV rays, and pollution outside are not conducive to your eye’s health. It would help if you thought about getting high-quality, polarized, and UV-blocking sunglasses. Wearing shades can protect your eyes, eyelids, and the delicate skin around your eyes from the cancer-causing UV rays.

  • Take breaks

Taking care of your eyes can be easy if you follow the 20:20:20 rule. Take a break every 20 minutes to look at any object placed 20 minutes away for around 20 seconds. It can reduce eye strain and fatigue.

  • Invest in proper quality spectacles

Even those with 20/20 vision can suffer from headaches and stress of the eyes. It happens when you cannot reduce the blue light from electronic screens. Opt for quality eyewear from a reputed eye clinic in Delhi post eye examination.

  • Opt for spectacle servicing

Sometimes the incorrect alignment of your specs can cause extra stress to your eyes. Firstly, make sure to wear your prescription glasses at all times. Secondly, get them serviced. Tighten the hinges, align/straighten the frame, and check the status of anti-glare coating on the glasses from time to time. Any good eye clinic in Delhi offers spectacle servicing to their patients.

  • Care for your contact lenses

Take proper care of your contact lenses. Remember to refresh your lens solution and store your glasses in clean containers. Never fall asleep while wearing your lenses or wear eye makeup while you have lenses on. Remember to replace your lenses before their expiry or wear period.

  • Get plenty of rest

Sleeping might seem like a waste of time, especially when there are so many videos to watch and social media posts to scroll through. However, sleeping can refresh your eyesight and reverse the damage your eyes incur during the day. Try to invest in anti-dryness, anti-redness, and anti-itch cooling eye drops that can reduce the strain to your eyes before you go to sleep every night.

These are the simplest, most obvious, yet the least practised steps that can reduce the total strain on your eyes. Your diet, lifestyle, other diseases, and level of exercise affect your eyesight too. So consider not smoking, not drinking, opting for light workouts, and eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to preserve your vision.

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