Beauty7 Important Tricks To Know Before Using a Hair Straightener

akanshaverma255May 4, 2020295 min

A hair straightener has become a necessity as it can magically transform your hair into sleek, shiny straight hair. However, there is a downside that can’t be ignored. It’s a heat-based styling product, which means if not used adequately, severe damage can happen to your hair. Make sure to buy hair straightener online that is top-class and employ some useful tricks and tips to style your hair effortlessly.

Select the Right Type: The basic rule that you should follow is the shorter your hair, the thinner the flat iron. The size can range from about 1 to 1 1/2, and for thicker coarse hair that goes beyond your shoulders, go for the 2 flat iron. Use a straightener with ceramic plates as it distributes the heat properly and brings minimal damage to your hair.

Get Proper Heat Protection: If you have ever touched a straightener, you know it’s so hot! Now, imagine applying that kind of heat on your fragile hair without any proper safety. As heat can lead to dry hair, breakage, and other damage, ensure to use some heat protectant spray and keep your hair healthy. It will act as a blockade between your hair and the straightener.

Acquire Necessary Volume: Regardless of having an aim to get pin-straight hair, adding a little volume to the crown area doesn’t seem too bad. When you reach the crown of your head, straighten your hair from the back of your head towards the front. It’s an excellent trick to add some volume; else, your hair will be close to your scalp. Buy hair straightener online that fits your budget and offers unique features.

Use a Comb or Brush: When you straighten your hair, it is suggested to use a comb or brush to even out your hair. It will offer you a smooth look and help you flat-iron each section of your hair effortlessly without burning your hand.

Don’t Overheat your Straightener: Hair can usually burn at the temperature of 451°F, which is why you shouldn’t set your hair-rod at this temperature no matter what! If you think the hotter the straightener, the quicker your hair will be straight, then you’re incorrect. It will only damage your hair, ensure to set it at 365°F, and you’re good to go!

Always Section your Hair: If you tie up your hair and section them evenly, you can get easy access while flat-ironing your hair. You can work through your inner layers that are close to your scalp and achieve the desired look. Also, you won’t leave any big chunks of hair unironed, giving an even hairstyle.

Hear Sizzle? Instantly Stop!: When you start to hear sizzle like a hot plate on your hair, immediately stop and see if they are adequately dried or not! You should never straighten your hair while they are still damp.

Hopefully, these essential tips can help you style your hair for any occasion without paying a visit to a salon.


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