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Teacher and Knight Knights Templar Store
Movies throughout time let people see life in giant screens. They depict small, and big events of life become profound in lots of creative ways of expressing knowledge and heating emotions.
Audiences relate. Opinions and criticisms scream ideas which, what, and how. Everyone sees what’s special.
When I had some time to subjects with Dr. Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. (who was a noted Scriptwriting professor), I felt so privileged because at the very least, I have felt the love for art. I was one student, like cupping during my hands some pieces of good literature from him.
When I submitted a script – he explained “You have to write more and make dialogue sound natural.” He liked how I evaluated the film “Gladiator” and mentioned it. He was generous when he sees how one art student works hard and gives his/her best. And he wasn’t happy when students aren’t serious using projects.
Well, that has been way beyond Scriptwriting lectures, but I found in all forms and facet of life that when you prefer something, you ought to give your very best for it. It is not just becoming close or partying “It is real work,” and doing similar to giving great results.
I know I could did better, and I got embarrassed with myself, when I’ve realized what sort of teacher prodded us to produce countless write more, and I crammed my work.
He taught me more than that writing subject. And so, I thank God and also the teacher just for this. I know God would perform payments for anyone who’d sweat and shared.
Watch Arn: The Knight Templar
Magnusson is part of the powerful Folkung dynasty within the mid 12th century. He grows up in a very monastery of the Cisterians. He is trained in archery, swordsmanship and horsemanship by the former Knight Templar who reside inside the monastery. When Arn leaves the monastery and returned to his family, he or she is soon pulled in the struggle relating to the powerful families, all fighting for that crown with the young nations that is Sweden.
Knight Templar stars Joakim Natterovist, Sofia Helin, Stellan Skarsgard, Simon Callow, Vincent Perez, and Bibi Anderson; created by Don Enrico. Peter Flinth may be the director.
Full of action, suspense, plus a war history scenario: the story touches about what a true warrior is. It shows how strong and principled heroes could possibly be. Battles are won in unity and death ends with coming home for the beloved forever. And as for all: we go back home to God.
Rose Flores Martinez.