save money on your rental car

7 ways to save money on your car rental

Going on vacation usually costs quite a bit. But did you know that it is probably to save a little bit on some things? The classic options are to be careful not to go to the restaurant too often or in expensive places, not to go out, but this partly reduces the fun of the holidays. We give you here some tips to save on your car rental.

Comparison sites

To have an overview of the market and choose the best deal, you can compare the prices on the comparison sites for car rental companies. These sites sometimes have promotional offers at one or other of these companies. So check comparison sites such as

Insurancetipsguide, EasyTerra, and

Discount Coupons

Before renting a car, check if you can get discount codes or coupons at a car rental agency. Most of the time, you can revel in these benefits before and during vacation periods. This can be worth a few euros: the rental company that seemed the cheapest can suddenly be overtaken by another that offers just this kind of discount.

Different agencies

Most people rent their car at the airport because it is the simplest solution. On the other hand, these rental agencies are often more expensive than their colleagues located elsewhere. An agency of the same company located further back will be cheaper than the one at the airport. You can save money by looking for another agency, without necessarily costing you too much: public transport is often well served around airports. Look before you leave where you can rent your car on the way or near your hotel.

Become a member

It is probable to become a member of most car rental companies. This membership will give you many benefits, such as discounts, faster registration, and access to newer cars or free upgrades. Membership is usually free but may be helpful to save money and time.

Book well in advance

By booking as soon as possible, you will pay less than if you wait until the last minute. When you book in advance, many more cars will still be available, and prices will be lower. The longer the holiday season approaches, the less availability you will have, resulting in higher prices.

Save with your credit card

Having a credit card to book your car rental is a necessity. This is, indeed, a certain guarantee for the trader. Also, they offer many benefits and reduction opportunities, such as a discount on your cheap car hire. To know which one fits you best, it is therefore essential to compare all the offers on the market.

A comparison will allow you, indeed, to see that some offers a discount percentage of cheap car rental agencies and include, sometimes, insurance that covers you during an accident with your rental vehicle.

The insurance imposed

The car rental companies prefer that insurance is taken directly from them. But check beforehand if you do not already have the necessary insurance or if you are not already covered with your credit card. The Belfries Platinum MasterCard, American Express Platinum Card and KBC Platinum Flex MasterCard have insurance against damage or theft of the rental car.

As you can see, there are changed ways to save on your rental car. Keep these tips in mind the next time you rent a car, ride a bit cheaper and do other more fun things with that money!

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