Tips and Tricks9 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Domain Name for Your Business

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What is in a name?

For Shakespeare, names themselves do not hold worth.

But he might have quoted this in another sense.

But, for a business, the name is everything. Name not just describes its sphere of operations but also embodies the core philosophy of your enterprise.

In this globalized context, technological innovations are constantly redefining marketing strategies. Therefore, domain names and well-conceived business are essential to hold a strong global reach. In essence, a memorable, appropriate and appealing name should be given to your company.

Naming your business is not easy. As the name you choose may not be available when you go for domain name registration. So, you need to be more creative and think a name which is easy to remember and available online. After all, choosing a domain name is similar to naming your company. So, a band domain name should not be the reason for your failure.

As your business name represents you, make sure you are avoiding these blunders.

1. Evade jargons

In general, many start-ups perceive difficult names as trendy, awe-inspiring. However, they are none of these and server a bumper for your business.

There’s no use of choosing a name that is difficult to pronounce or spell as such names easily slip from the mind of your target audience.

Likewise, don’t use unclear metaphors and technical names. Also, avoid names that address gender, racial overtones, or names that are offensive for some cultures.

Go for a name that is easy to spell, remember, pronounce, makes sense for the business, and gives positive associations.

2. No registration of your domain name:

This is among the most important thing. Missing this means harming your business. The lack of digital presence is a must. Worse, people can claim to the name you had crafted for your own business. Domain registration in India is not a complex task. It’s also not much expensive. Register your name today and book your spot in the digital space as soon as possible.

3. Adopting a generic name:

Easy and simple names don’t mean they should lack aesthetic appeal. The name you choose for your domain must signify creativity albeit in a lucid style. Make sure it conveys your brand values and focuses on customer benefits. In short, the name should conform to both your sensibility and sense.

4. No attention to branding:

When you tend to name your business, pay utmost attention to effective branding strategy. This is essential because the success of a business name largely depends on the image that gets created around it. Your branding strategy may consume five to ten months for establishing a stronghold among potential customers.

5. Being too creative:

No doubt, you master in creativity. But, that won’t need to be too creative as being over creative may breed bad results.

6. Avoid overtly descriptive name:

Don’t go for an overt description name for your business. In the future, you’ll expand your business or change your focus by adding other services and products. At that time, your overt name will become irrelevant. While choosing and registering your business name or registering a domain name, invest time and money.

7. No integrating with online media:

Microblogging site like Twitter or other social media platforms doesn’t allow businesses to create a handle with long brand names. Twitter will restrict you from creating an account in your business name; thereby you can be away from digital reach. Further, it will negatively impact your business prospects. Although you choose a short handle for Twitter, it is not sure it will resonate or connect with the name of your brand. Similarly, if your business name doesn’t align with Twitter, your handles at other social platforms will too need to be adapted accordingly.

8. Failing to trademark search:

Using another brand’s name lands you in legal trouble. You know it well. But, it also wastes time and energy spent on promoting someone else’s business. To stay away from such a scenario, it’s advisable to do an initial Google search.  Afterward, seek professional legal assistance.

9. Say ‘no’ to test your brand name:

Bear in mind that every first idea is a cliché. While you love the name of your business, your clients may not. To avoid this, use questionnaires and surveys and run your ideas through your target audience.

Bottom Line

The success of your business depends on several things. However, choosing the right domain registration name for your website is the crucial first step.

If Shakespeare were alive today, he would also accept it.  So, when take time, and name your business intelligently.


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