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9 Secrets that Your Experts May Fail to Tell You about Shared Hosting Company

Shared web hosting is the most popular hosting solution purchased from hundreds of web host companies in India. The size of the shared hosting market is anticipated to reach 18.7 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. The sheer size of the vast market in India seems to cause problems for beginners as they won’t know what to look for when choosing an excellent shared hosting package.

Here are nine secrets of Shared Hosting Companies that your experts may hardly tell you.

Secret #1: Independent advice

Experts may never tell you to read the reviews of the companies that you want to buy the service from. If truth to be told, reading reviews lets you have adequate information about the service provider. Be cautious to choose any hosting companies or any sites that recommend one or two websites without published comparative data.

Secret #2: Poor Shared Hosting

You do not like slow websites, neither do your competitors! While poor hosting leads to the poor loading time of your site, the host providers may not tell you about such drawback. They do so just to sell their services. This will cause breaking your business. Therefore, it’s essential to host your website on an ultramodern and reliable platform. Make sure the host provider provides you with award-winning support. They should offer you 24/7 support in local languages. If you don’t buy the best linux shared hosting package, it may lead to affecting your website performance.

Secret #3: Ratings

Checking user approval rating is your top priority. Your developer may fail to give you feedback about the shared hosting company. Don’t get disappointed. Contact customers who are using the service of the company. Make sure whether they are satisfied. Because ads are all over the internet, it doesn’t mean every company is good. So check with the existing customers. If they are happy with a particular company, then this will be the right choice for you.

Secret #4: Affiliate Link

Remember every link is an affiliate link. Confused? Don’t worry. Let me explain. Many hosting companies pay a certain amount to bloggers and other advertising companies for linking them through specific links called affiliate links. It doesn’t make any extra pressure on your pocket by hosting through these links. However, some sneaky sites don’t tell readers that every link is one that pays a commission if you follow through and buy hosting.

Secret #5: Limited CPU Usage

Bandwidth and disk space may be cheap for you. However, going beyond the limit may burn a big hole in your pocket. Do remember to choose a web hosting package that can provide you with more disk space than your current requirements. The needs for disk space and bandwidth increase as you grow your business.

Secret #6: Restrictions

It’s possible that your developer doesn’t tell you about the restrictions that a best web hosting company imposes on file types and sizes. This may not be an issue today based on the content on your site, but it will turn out to be a problem in future. So, think terms of the future. Make certain that you can perform all your activities today and tomorrow without any restrictions.

Secret #7: Complications

Getting your business online can be more complicated than you buy a domain name. When you make up your mind to be online, finding the best web hosting company should be your priority. You should look for a company that you can trust and set up email addresses from your domain. If you are using WordPress, then you need to install the software on your site, choose a theme and then install and configure plugins.

Secret #8: Technical Support

Nobody has seen the future. An experienced entrepreneur doesn’t just believe what his partners or managers say. They make do their research and dig in deeper to understand something. Don’t think that you don’t need technical support in the future. Things may go wrong. You may lose your user id or passwords, or lose access to your site. You should anticipate such happenings in advance and have solutions ready to get out of such problems in future. In a nutshell, your web hosting provider should offer 24/7 technical support to resolve any issues and reduce your stress.

Secret #9: Get Out Anytime You Choose

If you are not satisfied with the host provider, cancel all the contracts and look for a new company. All you lose is money. In general, it’s not advisable to go with lengthy 36-month deals, even if the company guarantees to provide you the best services at the lowest prices.  Maybe your experts fail to read the terms and conditions. Better, take time and go through every point in the terms on your own.

Long Story Short:

One of the most crucial secrets is to exercise your due diligence when choosing a shared hosting company. Before you sign a deal with a company, ask about its existing customers, try to know whether clients are satisfied with it. Also, check out the customer retention figures.

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