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AdminNovember 29, 2019245 min

The characteristics of tropical monsoon weather with prolonged hot season and the impact of climate change, greenhouse effect from urbanization … makes the summer temperature tends to increase. Choosing air conditioning is a great solution for families. But to use air conditioning effectively, you should note the following:
1. Choose the right air conditioner
When buying air conditioning in use, you need to choose air conditioning with capacity suitable for the area used, for example room under 15m2 just use a machine with a capacity of 9,000 BTU is suitable, 15-20m2 room selection 12,000 BTU machine, 20-30 m2 machine selection 18,000 BTU … In addition, the capacity of the machine depends on factors such as building materials? Is the room directly impacted by heat source (direct sunlight)? Does the room have many people using the air conditioner? …
You should choose the air conditioner with power saving mode (inverter technology). If used more than 8h / day, air conditioner with inverter technology can save half the power consumption compared to non-inverter. On the other hand, this type of air conditioner operates in a smooth, comfortable, stable temperature environment and extends the life of the machine. Of course, the price of this type of air conditioner will be slightly higher than the non-inverter of the same capacity.
2. Reasonable installation
The air conditioning installation should be taken into account at the time of the construction of the room, not to be placed in locations prone to humidity, excessive dirt or direct sunlight.
Do not arbitrarily arbitrarily installed, the installation of air conditioning must be done by professional technicians to ensure the right technique. Many of the faults that arise when using or breaking down are due to the fact that the installer is not up to standard, so choosing a reputable installer is a must.
3. Adjust the modes of harmonic adjustment
From the sultry feeling to the outside temperature, many people have the habit of turning on the air conditioner or cooling the temperature too low, which will affect both your health and the air conditioner.
When using the air conditioner should adjust the difference of temperature outside the 8-10 degrees. Besides, when using you should not turn on / off continuous air conditioner that to operate at least 2h to help stabilize the machine.
4. Note the ventilation for the air-conditioned room
Rooms with air-conditioning are usually closed, curtain to optimize the cooling temperature, however, during the day also need to open the door, ventilation for room to air circulation, remove bacteria accumulate.
Should use fan combined with air conditioning to bring more comfortable feeling.
5. Maintenance, sanitation and periodic maintenance
Another important thing when using air conditioning is maintenance, periodic cleaning.
Air conditioning works on a circulating principle: the indoor unit is in the liquid gas chamber, where it vaporizes and absorbs the air in the room to make the room temperature lower.
When the ineffective cooler may be out of gas, it should be added in time. For mua dieu hoa cu an phuc air conditioning to operate effectively, users need regular cleaning.