gold plated belcher bracelet

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Bracelet

Since ancient times, humans have used jewelry to adorn themselves to show their wealth and social status. The reasons are much the same today. People choose a heavy metal chain because it is pretty or a diamond bracelet to look like a celebrity. People wear bracelets to show their status. While the original gold bracelet may be expensive, a gold plated belcher bracelet may be soft on the pocket and give the same result. Here is how you can choose one:

Find Your Wrist Size

Will a bold and chunky bracelet be helpful or sleek and delicate like beautiful string one will do? Before choosing the style, think which type of bracelet will look better on your arm, wrist, and hand.

Besides the fitting, the width of band, size of the beads, embellishments, the apparent weight of the bracelet matters too. You will want to choose a bracelet that complements your appearance, and it is why you must consider the bone structure first. That’s why it crucial to what to look for. Should it be full, or narrow, simple, or the extravagant, a solid or delicate? Once you have made the right choice, you are ready to flaunt or hide your wrist.

Determining the Wrist Size

Wrap the thumb and the index finger around the opposite wrist. If you can touch the thumb and the forefinger with the extra space, you are small-boned. If they are just touching, you are medium-boned, and if they don’t meet at all, then you are large-boned. Look for the bones outside of the wrist. Are they prominent or barely noticeable? Are the fingers long and slender, short and sausage-like, or something in between?

For a proportional look, choose a bracelet size that matches the wrist size if you have large padded wrists, select full, chunky bracelets. Small and delicate bracelets are better for the narrow bony wrists.

If you want to make your wrists look more balanced, or average look, choose a bracelet that is regular or medium-sized bracelets for all the wrist sizes.

Go For Synergy

Go for sheer variety and scope of the bracelet styles. From cuffs and bangles, charming bracelets, and beaded numbers to the tennis bracelets, even the watches prefer fashion over the function. There are numerous styles to choose from. The design of the bracelet should match the overall style in general or on the day you decide to wear the bracelet.

Don’t Be Afraid Trying New Things

While old-fashioned jewelry rules demand simplicity, you should throw the antiquated rules out of the window, and it is especially true when it comes to the bracelet. It is not that the gold only suits your skin, try to mix and match the things when it comes to wearing the bracelet. It looks effortless yet an elegant way to create a unique look.

Keep Comfort above Everything

The wrist is tender, and anything restrictive, cumbersome or uncomfortable may not be suitable. Hands do a lot of moving whether in office or dancing, any bracelet which wreaks havoc on the comfort is going to cause discomfort. If you want to make the most of your purchase, ensure that you can wear it comfortably.

Buy Smart

It is tempting to buy costume jewelry or fashion that is inexpensive and fits the style of the time. But a gold plated belcher bracelet would remain for long, so it is a worthy investment.


Before buying it, consider the wrist size, overall style, and comfort. There are many styles, so glance the images many times, and if you can get trial, wear it before paying for it.


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