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We know that thinking about activities with boys and girls can be an arduous task, especially if you are not in the city or you have to do without technology. Also, knowing which activity for boys and girls is suitable for what age may seem simple, but we risk getting them bored soon. Scheduling your free time as a family with them is a very easy question to solve, but you will need to put a lot of enthusiasm and some imagination, of course.

Activities with children to carry out as a family

The activities with children and with the family that you can carry out are wide and varied. In the city, we obviously have the option of attending the cinema or the theater, or taking the boys and girls to different museums, where they can not only have fun but also learn new things.

However, if what you are looking for is to be able to do without new technologies or plan a trip to the countryside or the beach, there are still a long series of entertaining activities for the whole family that you can prepare with nothing or very little material. Many of these activities are classic games that you wouldn’t have in mind until you see them listed here, but they are just as effective both today and the day they were invented.

  • Jump rope or jump rope

With a simple rope or rubber strap it is possible to organize a lively jump rope game. With several ropes you can provide the freedom of individual play for each, but by having the rope held by two people, you can propose several different types of play.  Did you know the best baby & kid’s equipment’s are online at

Jump rope activity for children

The classic swing, which is also suitable for children between 2 and 4 years old, is the style that we all know. People at the ends swing the rope at a variable speed, and you have to jump in turns or repetitively.

The game of the snake is that those who hold the rope move it from one side to another

Making it undulate as if it were a snake. In this way, the participants must jump between the bows of the rope, avoiding that the rope touches them in the slightest … a variant full of tension!

The Queen of the Seas is a variant in which children must jump rope carrying an object, such as a scarf, and go about doing what they say in the traditional song of “Queen of the Seas” while jumping. It is one of the most difficult base variants, ideal for children who are already well-versed in the jump rope or older.

In the boatman, the participants jump in groups, at the same time or one by one, and consists of jumping for the entire duration of the song. In this modality, the jumper team’s face each other for being the best coordinated.

  • The game of “I see, I see”

You surely know this game very well. It is difficult that someone has never played it.

Especially suitable for young children and to promote their ability to observe, it is entertaining for any age, and the more people participate. The proposer of the riddle must give a hint of color or the letter by which the name of the object begins. Whoever guesses it will be the next to propose the riddle.

  • The game of hide and seek

Although this is a game that needs practically nothing, it makes no sense if you are not in a place with different and varied nooks and crannies to hide behind.

Hideaway activity for children

Before you worry about organizing the game, you need to make sure that the environment is completely safe for all boys and girls, and that no one can do dangerous things just by winning the game.

We all know the rules. The one who catches or “the league” must count to a certain number while the others hide. The one who looks for the hidden ones must touch them or go back to where he counted and say their name to take them for caught. Instead, those in hiding must get to the place where it was counted and touch it to be saved.

  • The little blind chicken

In this game you will only need a bandage or scarf, any garment with which you can cover your eyes with the one that will act as a “blind chicken”.

The bandaged will be surrounded by the other players in a circle that will form holding hands. The one who plays chicken has to turn three or more on its own axis, and then try to grab one of the others. These have the possibility of moving wherever they want, but always without releasing the hands of the companions at any time, or they will lose in turn.

Once “the little blind chicken” catches another boy or girl, patting his face with his hands, he should recognize him. If he succeeds, the recognized will become the blind chicken.

A matter of imagination and desire

The activities and games for boys and girls that you can do anywhere are practically endless. In addition to classic games, you can improvise new ones, or variants of them. Play soccer with the first thing caught, like a stone, or make paper planes or boats. Try to get the rocks bouncing on the surface of the water, or play wheelbarrow races, which require a lot of coordination and produce very funny situations.

Doing activities with boys and girls requires, more than anything else, that you feel like one of them. All these activities should also help them learn values ​​such as solidarity, respect … An activity that would help a child to fully understand the values ​​is sponsoring a child.


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