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Mary SparkJuly 5, 2021528 min

Advanced Web Ranking, the new SEO software Even the uninitiated now know that a profitable online promotion and web marketing campaign cannot ignore positioning on search engines, in this case, organic positioning (which differs from paid AdWords). Each SEO, to control and monitor their work, can only use the appropriate tools, or even better SEO Software that speed everything up.

It is in fact unthinkable to manually check the SERP for hundreds of keywords and multiple sites, without forgetting the difficulty and waste of time in drawing up a detailed report. Among the many site ranking tools available on the net, today we point out a very valid one, Advanced Web Ranking an optimal solution, given that it provides numerous and varied tools of absolute relevance as regards positioning statistics, keyword control, import, and export of reports and much more.

How Does It Work

Using Advanced Web Ranking is very simple, also because the interface is completely in Italian. The first step is to create a new project for the website you want to monitor by choosing the search engines you want to monitor. The choice is endless: you can query hundreds of search engines from all over the planet, from to point .it, from Yahoo to Bing, or even foreign crawlers for the positioning of foreign domains. This leads to the second phase, the one in which we insert the keywords concerned, the real strength of the software. There are no limits either in numbers or in length, you can check any keyword. Furthermore, the tool gives the possibility to comfortably import txt files from our computer, making our task easier. Finally, the URL of the site in question is entered and rank tracking is launched.

Report Saving

Advanced Web Ranking, the new SEO software But AWB would be nothing if it did not allow SEO and web agencies to store and monitor data over time because positioning is a prolonged activity, which is not limited to a couple of checks. This is how the SEO software allows you to create, analyze, and group all the data relating to a project. The graphs show the trend of the keywords chosen in the SERP, evaluating the goodness or otherwise of our strategy. Furthermore, in this way, we can also control our competitors, a useful activity to improve our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO tactics in relation to what our opponents are doing.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The positioning reports can be saved in different formats, printed, and even uploaded via FTP to our clients’ server, ideal for showing them the results obtained over time. The process can be automated, as can the “launch” of the tracker.

4 Versions

The software is available in 4 versions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Server. If the basic version is really standard, Professional and Enterprise prove to be valid tools. The first has all the features described above, while Enterprise also has the Keyword Research Tool, the tool that allows SEOs to understand which keywords are actually sought by users: what it takes to set the optimization of a site the next link popularity campaign.

Advanced Web Ranking, the New SEO Software Link Manager

Finally, how not to mention the link manager, a fundamental factor for the design of a profitable link building. Thanks to this tool, in fact, the backlinks are checked, reports are drawn up and useful links are found for the positioning of the site.

Posting and Reporting In Directories

The directory: useful or useless? This is the dilemma of many SEOs. The truth, as often happens, lies somewhere in between: posting and reporting in directories is needed but must be done in a certain way. By inserting diversified titles, choosing the best directories, etc.

And above all, it is not the only tool to obtain an excellent ranking on Google. However, as mentioned, it serves. And it is for this reason that we offer reporting and insertion services in the best free Italian directories.

We draw up differentiated titles using keywords relevant to your site and useful for positioning on search engines, we only select directories that have SEO purposes and have reasonable approval times. Thanks to our service, your site will climb the search engine results, taking you to the very first places.

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