Fencing helps to protect the property of various people from various issues like encroachment, animal entry, etc. The most commonly used material is chain link, barbed wire, and plastic mesh. Barbed wire fence prices are quite genuine and they are considered to be most durable and long-lasting.  They are also classified as zinc coated and aluminum-coated wires. They are also available as 2 barbed and 4 barbed wires. They are considered to be inexpensive and most commonly preferred.

These were invented in 1867 and were painted at that time. They are considered as the fencing staple nowadays. They are made of galvanized iron for commercial use purposes. This is because it does not shrink and even is not affected by rising or lower temperatures. This makes them perfect for arid areas where the fluctuations in temperatures are very common. In order to tackle the problem of rusting and corrosion in areas of high humidity, the barbed wire has given a makeover. This was coated with Pvc granules which create a plastic-like coating on the top of the wire which helps to protect the rusting and corrosion of materials under areas where there is high humidity.

Another type is made of polymer wire with metal barbs. The merit is, it is less prone to theft as it has no resale value and it is all weatherproof. The costing depends upon the raw materials used in making the wires, thickness and the maker of the wire.  Also, the cost depends upon the gsm coating on the wire. The more the wire is thicker the more it will be expensive. In India, the rate starts from rupees 2 for 2mm and goes up with the coating of the wire and the thickness of the wire.

The installation is easy but requires professionalism and should be done by the experts only. Normally the sketch of the plan along with the fencing should be made in order to facilitate the whole working.  Proper measurements are taken in order to find out how much area to be covered efficiently. A barbed-wire fence calculator can be used for measurements. The area is then cleared and cleaned so that the posts can be properly made. This part is to be taken care of as they have huge tensions once installed and only good fixings can keep them together. Then the wires are fastened from the bottom using tightening machines and wires which can be easily bent. These are most efficiently priced wires and fencing which means they are the most budget-friendly.

The installations are quite easy as compared to traditional setups and other concrete fences which may take some months to build. They are considered to be the most versatile. One must possess proper knowledge about the barbed wires in order to get them installed at their respective places so that the purpose of installation can be achieved effectively and efficiently. Even plastic mesh fencing in India are available at reasonable prices. These are most cost-effective and proper care must be taken for the factors such as areas to be covered and the costs which are to be involved.

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