All About Hoverboard, A beginner’s guide

Anyone who walks around the world with open eyes has certainly spotted them in one corner or the other: Hoverboards, also known as Self Balancing Scooters, are the intergalactic driving pleasure of the 21st century. Our self-balancing scooter comparison also shows how many different models are already available on the market.

If you want to buy a hoverboard, you should consider different factors. The Segway mini Pro is fastest hoverboard in the world, it is characterized by the UL test seal which is mounted on the bottom and confirms that the hoverboard is not flammable and the electronic system has no safety flaws. According to Hovertrax the hoverboard may be loaded with up to 120 kg. It is therefore not only suitable for children but also for adults. Also, the driving pleasure is not long in coming after receipt of the package.

After about an hour at the socket, the Segway mini Pro hoverboard is loaded and it can start! Whoever has never driven a hoverboard, we have to warn at this point: Driving is much more difficult than it looks from the outside! So that the Segway mini Pro hoverboard retains its noble appearance and you break no bones, you should start the first attempts in the apartment. It is important Feeling for the hoverboard.

What should you watch out for when driving with a Self-Balancing Scooter?

Who buy the idea of a hoverboard plays, must expect a training phase, until the handling of the motor-driven vehicle is really mastered. All you need is your own balance and a skillful balance. Instead of a break or a handlebar, only the change in body weight takes over the steering. Since only the feet are on the designated areas, but the hands find no grip to hold, it is advisable not to forget in use a helmet and elbow and knee pads. These are for your own safety and avoid minor and major injuries. The initial stages also make it easier to have extra wheels that reinforce the two existing ones and give the board more stability for beginners. In this context, a remote control is advantageous.

Once you’ve got the hang of it all the benefits of the Hovertrax Batwing Hoverboard are revealed! It comes with a Bluetooth speaker box so you can ride your favorite music around the world! This is quite powerful and gives music from your smartphone trouble-free and good quality again.

Visually, the Segway mini Pro hoverboard also makes a great deal: equipped with three noble colors and LED lights, it stands out from the wide range of hoverboards. The only drawback: If you fall down, the board kollert a few meters further, instead of stopping immediately. This is technically not a problem, but quickly causes scratches and signs of wear. However, since this is a purely optical thing that can probably be avoided with no hoverboard, it does not affect our recommendation.

How is a self-balancing board driven?

self-balancing scooter

When ordering the self-balancing board, a rechargeable battery is always included with the scooter. This is usually similar to a car battery and is used like a battery. In order for this as long as possible to convert its full power into drive energy, as a self-balancing board comparison shows primarily lithium-ion batteries used. Their quality is also reflected in the charging, which requires on average only two hours and thus also promises low energy consumption. To avoid damaging the magnetic levitation technique inside, most of the boards are splash proof. This means that, for example, rain or damp floor coverings do not penetrate into the electronics to cause short circuits or the like.

What is the reach of an electric scooter?

The range of each model in a self-balancing scooter comparison depends not only on the ground but also on some other factors. One of them is exceeding the maximum weight. This is indicated on every model in the offer or on the packaging and can vary from 90 – 130 kg. Exceeding this maximum weight may not only result in a slower speed but may also cause damage to the electronic components.

Of course, this also falls below the maximum range, which is always based on the ideal conditions. So that it is not affected by the dusk or darkness, has the Self Balancing scooter comparison winner and practical LED lights. With these, the safety is increased,

For which surfaces is a self-balancing board suitable?

Depending on the model, a hoverboard comparison shows that these are not suitable for all surfaces. Level surfaces such as paved paths are ideal for speeding up and showing small tricks with existing gradients. However, it is also important for even stretches the weather, since in rain, black ice or leaves only very experienced riders keep the balance. Uneven surfaces such as forest floors, however, are an unsolvable task for some models.

This is always noticeable in driving behavior, which now no longer takes up the same ride with the help of weight shifting. In addition, some electric scooters in a hoverboard comparison noticed that after excursions outdoors quickly showed significant scratches on the devices.

Which legal aspects play a role in the purchase?

Before buying the Self Balancing Scooter, it is important to know that this is currently not approved for use on the road. However, this is limited only to public transport space, such as streets and sidewalks. Off the beaten path, everyone is welcome to drive these hoverboards in the home, on their own property or in parks.

Due to the lack of approval, the balance scooter in US can only be bought as an import. This is primarily due to the instructions for use and the charging cable for the lithium-ion battery. The latter often requires an additional adapter to be compatible with European sockets. If this is not already included in the scope of delivery, there are additional costs for the purchase, which must be taken into account.

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