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If you are someone who things lubes & pleasure gels are used only if you are suffering from dryness, then you are missing out a lot on the world of sexual sensations. While they are excellent at moistening things and making them ready for intimate action, they can also make intercourse a lot more intense & explosive experience.

It’s not uncommon for women to not experience orgasm during intercourse or oral sex. Some women just cannot seem to reach the orgasm no matter what they do. This is where arousal gels come to the rescue. In the past decades, the popularity of arousal gels has increased drastically.

Read on to understand why arousal gels have become so popular.

What Are Arousal Gels?

When it comes to sexual enhancement, arousal gels can do the trick for most women as they are capable of getting them in the mood and feel pleasure sensations unlike ever before! Arousal gels such as clitoral stimulation gel can help the clitoris to feel nice & sensitive so that every single touch around it helps to stimulate pleasure. Arousal gels, in simple terms, work differently than lubricant. They help in stimulation, as opposed to lubricant.

Clitoral stimulation gel or arousal gel is rubbed on the top, around the sides and underneath the hood of the clitoris. This gel then stimulates the sensitivity and creates a gentle warming/cooling tingling sensation, which increases female pleasure during intimacy.

What Can You Expect From An Arousal Gel?

  • They improve tissue sensitivity for the elevated sexual desires
  • They increase sexual desires by warming the skin
  • It helps in relaxing the body & improves sensitivity for an increased sexual desire

What Does Arousal Gels Feel Like?

Well, it depends upon the kind of product you are using, but in general, most of them give you an amazing slippery sensation. Also, they come in a lot of different flavours that can be used as a normal lubricant, or as a tasty treat when licking the body parts. There are some warming gels that give you gentle warmth which stimulates the area where it is applied whereas there are some gels that can wake up new sensations by warming, cooling or tingling, while still being gentle on your intimate areas. There is even some kind of gels, mainly clitoral stimulation gel which enhances a woman’s orgasm & increases the sensitivity of the clitoris. Yes, you read that right; a small pea-size amount has the power to give you a more intense orgasm.


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