Fashion and LifestyleAll You Should Know Before Getting Bulk Hair Extensions For Your Wig Store

SinghshreyaMarch 30, 2020185 min

To buy something, you must first know how it looks. So a right place to start listing the things you should know before getting bulk hair extensions in wholesale would be to describe how it looks.


The looks are pretty simple; a bulk of hair tied at one end with an elastic band to hold the bundle together tightly, with hair flowing in one direction from one end to another.

They come in different styles, namely straight, kinky, curly, etc. each of which gives the consumer a unique look.

To achieve the natural look, avoid synthetic hair extensions.


Now, this is a must on the list; you wouldn’t want appealing but not durable extensions. Pictures don’t do an excellent job at conveying quality, so you’re better off not listening to your gut if they look appealing.

Gauging their quality is as simple as checking their origin. Mongolian Remy and Vietnam Virgin are noted for their quality. The best kinds of extensions are the ones made from the hair of Asian women that are not chemically treated. Besides that, lice and intertwined hair strands are things you must look out for with wholesale bulk hair extensions.


Well, before I say anything about the longevity of hair extensions, I must say synthetic hair does not last long and are prone to deteriorating quality and looks. While on the contrary, natural hair can last 2-3 years, if taken care of properly. It also maintains its lustre and strength over time. Unlike synthetic hair, it does not stink on exposure to high temperatures.


In my last point, I mentioned the lifespan of hair extensions, which brings me to my next point on how to take care of them to improve their lifespan.

  • Store the extensions in a cool place away from the sun with minimum moisture.
  • The bulks need to be kept tied to avoid chances of intertwined hair strands.
  • Washing them, but don’t overdo it. Wash them from time to time.
  • After washing, brush them softly and gently to avoid roughing it up.


Bulk hair extensions in wholesale are the cheapest kind of extensions available in the market. Prices vary from around $10-15 per bundle. Different sellers quote differently based on quality and type, so it varies.

Wholesale hair extension manufacturers like China, Vietnam, and India dominate the bulk hair extension markets, although not exclusively. To look for sellers, going to nearby salons and hairdressing parlours for information is optimal. Besides that, social media is an excellent place to look for such businesses.


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