allogenic bone marrow transplant in India

Allogenic bone Marrow transplantation

Bone marrow

Bone marrow is the most crucial thing present in the human body. It is present in a very safe and secured place where it cannot be seen easily enough. It is present inside the hollow space of the bone where it is present and also dwell inside it. It is the sight which produces the cells that makes up the blood. Now proper composition of the blood is very much important as blood is the liquid connective tissue of the body which should be in proper content as it supplies the body with those contents. Thus it also acts the nutrition system for the body and also the different organs of the body. And due to the presence of the blood these organs gets oxygen and all the necessary biomolecules with which they can perform their desired function. Thus problem in the blood will affect the body in a real bad way. Apart from producing the cells of the blood the bone marrow also consists of another important property, which actually is equally important and also astounding in its own course also. The property is that the bone marrow are also stem cells in their nature. Now stem cells are very much important as they possess impeccable qualities which the scientists are trying to incorporate in some of the therapy to cure different sort of diseases.

Stem Cells

The stems are that kind of cells which have the power to divide in an infinite way. All the cells of the human being undergoes cell division. The division of the cells helps them to grow in number hence along with that the human beings also grows with the help of the cell’s growth. However that growth of the cell is not at all unlimited in nature. And if it becomes unlimited it would probably invite some of the diseases like that of the cancer. The cell division also has a threshold point beyond which it won’t grow so that the total number of the cell in the body is in a balanced number. But stem cells have the power to grow in an unlimited manner and also not causing any of such disease in particular. They also have the characteristic to differentiate in to different type of cells of the body if they are given that particular condition while their growth. Thus each and the every characteristic of the stem cells are truly amazing and they have a lot of value in the medical field as well. Researches are going on day and night to decipher the qualities and the properties of the stem cells.

Allogenic transfer

Stem cell transfer for a cause to cure the disease is a very common way of treatment now. Allogenic stem cell or the bone transplant is the technique that doctors carry out so as to check the genetic match of the stem cells between the donor and the recipient. And this checking is very much necessary because if left unmatched the body will react against it and in time it will destroy it also by forming antibody.

Cost in India

The cost of allogenic bone marrow transplant in India is very much high and also needs better physicians and also better equipment for the transplantation process.


It is expected that with time the cost of the process will definitely decrease so that they can be used up by the common peoples.


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