Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Yatra: Achieving Paradise and Getting the Way of Salvation

Some find it a way to attain Paradise, then get some liberation. But it is true that the philosophy of Lord Shiva’s self-proclaimed Shivalinga, which is known by the names of Amarnath, Amareshwar etc, which is in full shape of the full moon from the snow, is to give heart to the heart because it is so long journey and Crossing many obstacles and reaching the Amarnath cave is not an easy task.

That is why every passenger who sees Himalingam inside the cave finds himself blessed and very fortunate because many look back at the vertical climbing and turn back half way through.

Every year this journey is on the day of Shravan Purnima, the day when the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with pomp, on the same day, thousands of passengers are gathered in the cave of Amarnath to see Lord Shiva’s philosophy of self-styling Himmalingam. This cave is situated at 140 and 326 km from capital city Srinagar and Jammu, and at a height of 13,500 feet from sea level.


Story of Amarnath: –

This story is called Amarkatha because it is said that listening to Shivdhamam is achieved. It is said that this is the most sacred story, the people who listen to them receive immortality and they become immortal. This story was narrated by Shri Shankar Bhagwan in Bhagavati Parvatji ji (in the cave of Amarnath) in this cave. Upon hearing this story, Sri Shukdev Ji had become immortal. When Lord Shankar Bhagwati was listening to this story to Parvati, the child of a parrot was also listening to this supreme pious story and after listening to it the child of that parrot then found the Shukdev Swaroop. ‘Shuk’ is said to be ‘parrot’ in Sanskrit anyway, and for this reason, later, Muni became famous in the name of Shukdev.

As it is said that when Shukdev went to Naimisharnya, the Rishis and Munis honored him with great respect and asked him to narrate Amar Katha and then what was ‘Arrogant’ Shuk pleased him with the tales read in his praise and began to hear the immortal story.

It is said that as soon as the story begins, Kailash Mountains, Kshir Sagar and Brahmalkok are also moving. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and all the gods reached the place where Amar Katha was going on. Then Lord Shankar remembered that if the person listening to this story became immortal then the operation of the earth would stop and then there would be a difference in the prestige of the Gods.

Happy Stick: – This journey runs with ‘Chad Mubarak’, in which travelers start their journey in the form of a very large procession. There are innumerable sadhus in it, who take trishul and darmo in their hands, moving forward with great devotion and devotion to the slogans of ‘Bam-bam Bhole and Jayakar Veer Bajrangi-Har Har Mahadev’.

‘Chakri Mubarak’ always travels on a 140 km Vitham yatra in the form of a procession of several hundred sadhus from the Dashnami Akhara of Srinagar, whose first stop is Pumpor, second stop at Bijibihara and Anantnag, after resting the day, After going off the rest of the night, he goes towards Ashamkam the next morning.

Start of journey

It starts from Pahalgam, which stands in the lap of nature, and someone who completes the journey on mules while others travel on foot. It is said that the path from Pahalgam to the holy cave is the path of the beautiful mountains of the world which is literally true. There are glacial valleys, falling water heights, snow-covered ponds, flowing out of them, then the bridge created by nature to cross them. Together, such a wonderful game of nature reveals that man sees them all with charm and wanders in the lap of nature, enjoys the beautiful natural shade and feels awkward peace in the atmosphere.

A small town situated on the banks of River Liddar, which is known as Pahalgam, is known as Pahalgam. Three days before the Shravan Purnima, from Pahalgam, the pilgrims move towards Chandanwadi along with the trumpets of saints and saints between the drum, drums, dudumbhs, and the hail of ‘Har-Har Mahadev’ under the leadership of Shiva’s symbol of the holy stick. It is situated at a distance of 16 km from Pahalgam. Chandanwadi is a picturesque valley at the confluence of mountainous rivers at an altitude of 9500 feet, and the ice bridge on the river Lidder is the main center of attraction. Here, after refreshing and resting a bit, further difficult climbing leads to ‘Pisu Valley’. Chandwadwadi car or taxi from Pahalgam can be reached within an hour because this route is vehicle worthy.

There is a place named Sheshnag, 13 km away from Chandanwadi. Passing through the difficult climb of flea top, passing through a pasta called Jojapalal, can be reached on the banks of the lidder and reach to Sheshnag. Here the beauty of the lake is wonderful. Lake Sheshnag lake is situated at a height of 12,200 feet and is surrounded by glaciers, this lake covered with snow is the source of river Lidder. In the night, people start their journey by resting in the tents, and after bathing with frozen water here, all the exhaustion caused by climbing is removed.

From here it is the second and inaccessible phase of journey, 13 km away to Panjartani. Again begins the difficult climb on one side. Situated at the height of 14800 ft towards the Mahagunas peak. This peak is lacking of oxygen because this peak is the highest during Amarnath Yatra. Breaths due to lack of oxygen. Although medical support is also available in place of place. After climbing the summit, crossing Poshpathri, at the height of 12500 ft, the Bhairav ​​Mountain is in the forefront of the five rivers namely Panjartani. Here the passengers rest on the night and devotees take a bath in the holy currents and proceed towards the cave which is only 6 km away from Panjartari.

Again, from the Panjartani to the cave, there is to face again inaccessible climbing. People breathe, and the Lord rests on the sacred cave for the desire of the eyes of Bhole Nath. The way is awesome and beautiful too. Looking down from the footpath, he is afraid to see the snow flowing in the trenches. Then, after seeing a distance from the cave, people are excited to reach the bridge of ice, cheering on the banks of ice, flowing under the holy cave, on the banks of Amar Ganga.

People bathing from here, they go about 100 feet wide and 150 feet long to the sacred cave, where people see themselves as blessed by seeing the light of Shiva’s creation on the natural back. This is the icing and lipstick solid ice, whereas raw ice is available everywhere for miles outside the cave.  For hindi short stories: click here

In the cave, water droplets keep dribbling, but Shivling is built in a special place and this gender decreases with the arts of the moon. Purnima is completely merged and the new moon is merged. In the cave, Parvati and Ganesh ji’s symbols are also seen and after fulfilling the desire of the people, people catch the path of return. By the way, there is also a route from Sonmarg-Baltal which can be completed in one day.

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