Digital MarketingAmazon Marketing Services: Bridging The Gap Between Seller And Consumer

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Sellers listed on Amazon continuously vie for the attention of consumers amidst the high competition. They strive for product discoverability and sales daily since Amazon is a great channel to expand the reach. Hence, it is essential to put their bet on Amazon Marketing Services to get their products in front of more consumers. If you are an Amazon Seller and are not harnessing the available tools and services, you will lag in the competition. A platform where retailers of every size and credibility compete, it is essential to pave down a defined strategy to excel.

As an Amazon Marketing Agency, we have devised strategies to boost product visibility, and consequently, increase sales. The aim is to set a brand and product apart from the competition and we have succeeded in doing so for our clients.

In this article, we will provide insights into the Amazon Marketing Services and how it bridges the gap between a seller and a consumer.

Keys To Devising A Strong Amazon Marketing Strategy

Optimizing a product listing is a consistent process. It can be either done organic or through PPC ads. The organic process through Amazon SEO services takes time in improving the ranking of any product due to the high competition. Hence, retailers often go for PPC ads for instant success. There are several AMS ad types such as Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads, and Product Display Ads. When used correctly, all these improve product visibility for better sales. So, we will focus more on the AMS ad types.

One can understand how powerful Amazon’s advertising business is, that even retailers who are not directly selling on it are open to advertising there. Amazon’s search offering is one of the best because marketers can easily see the return on advertising investment based on actual sales.

According to Chris Humber, Head of Search at GroupM/Catalyst: “Amazon has transactional data, it knows who you are and what you are purchasing. It’s the Holy Grail, and what Google would like to have, the missing piece that allows Amazon to move from predictive to prescriptive search, so they can recommend proactively.”

As the graph shows, Amazon’s ad revenue is set to grow every year for the next 4 years. Now with coronavirus impacting every business, retailers are shifting to online mode to sustain.

Understanding The Different Types Of AMS Ads

Headline Search Ads – Eye-catching and Brand Building

These are keyword-targeted cost-per-click(CPC) ads appearing at the top of the page on Amazon. Amazon Vendors can promote three or more products to drive traffic to their brand page or custom landing page on Amazon. Considered as the top-of-the-funnel ads because customers are typically at the beginning of their buyer’s journey.

Sponsored Products – Powerful and Complex

These are targeted CPC ads that appear alongside search results, either on the right side or at the bottom of the page, and on product detail pages. Considered as middle-of-the-funnel ads because they are visible when the buyer is likely to be comparing products.

Product Display Ads – Competitive and Targeted

These are cost-per-click product-targeted or interest-based ads and live on your own or your competitors’ product detail pages. Considered as the bottom-of-the-funnel ads because the product page is typically near the end of the customer journey. Also 

To-do List To Achieve Your Goals Through AMS Ads

Sponsored Product Ads

Since they are a core driver of conversions, it is important to build a strong campaign by following the below points:

  • Set the benchmark in terms of volume and ROI for a successful campaign
  • Use the data provided by Amazon to select products strategically to bid
  • Own the Buy Box for successful conversions


Headline Search Ads

Ideal for directing traffic to a brand page or custom landing page on Amazon, on following the below steps:

  • Target the right keywords specific to your product groups
  • Perform A/B testing of your copy and content such as headline, image, ASINs, their number and order, to dish out an impactful ad
  • Choose smartly where to send traffic between a brand page and custom URL

Product Display Ads

With the potential to attract customers based on interest or through keywords, these ads perform better when you:

  • Select the right products such as your best selling product or a new addition to your listing or other relevant products such as ones for clearance sale
  • Use custom headline and logo to catch shoppers’ attention
  • Choose the right targeting for conversions among interest-based, product targeting, and category targeting. We are more inclined towards product targeting for obvious reasons

Final Words

The unprecedented figures about the Amazon Advertising Platform establish it as an emerging leader in the advertising world. With a comprehensive Amazon Marketing strategy, brands, retailers, and companies can amplify their reach and increase ROI. It is also an ideal platform to create brand awareness, launch new products, and much more.  As an experienced Amazon Marketing Agency, we aim to place our clients in the best possible position in the competitive market. From formulating data-driven marketing strategies to optimizing product listings organically, we do it all. Join hands with us to expand your product reach, avail our Amazon Marketing Services.


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