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Are your products failing to get traction on Amazon? Is your brand value depreciating due to negligible customer engagement? It is time to avail Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to effectively promote your products and improve brand awareness.  Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform where sellers and vendors showcase their products to a large audience. The e-commerce giant is rapidly expanding its marketing landscape, creating pools of opportunities for marketers and advertisers. The Amazon marketplace hosts a large number of sellers and vendors, making the competition more intense than ever before. It creates a challenging situation for sellers to reach their target customers and achieve sales targets. Amazon recently launched Amazon Marketing Services with a variety of marketing features that enable sellers to effectively promote their products. This blog post highlights the best marketing practices for formulating effective brand promotion strategies on Amazon.


Types of Marketing

Three types of marketing options are available for merchants who have listed their products on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look at them –


1 Amazon SEO

Amazon is a huge marketplace that sells almost everything from groceries to electronic appliances. You can browse through an extensive list of categories or directly search the product that you want to buy. More than 65% of the customers prefer the direct search option. A majority of online product searches happen directly on e-commerce platforms like Amazon rather than Google. In this context, Amazon can be regarded as a search engine where users can search, find and buy consumer products.   Amazon provides sellers an opportunity to organically improve the visibility of their products by amazon  product listing optimisation content. We refer to it as ‘Amazon SEO.’ The process is similar to standard SEO methodologies required for ranking high on Google, Bing or other search engines. It involves the use of keywords which are shortlisted keeping in mind the intent of your potential customers. 


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