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saahilkhanJuly 4, 2020616 min

French terry cotton fabric modules itself on a knitting technology. It is on similar lines like a jersey where on one side of the fabric you have loops and on the other side a soft piling yarn. This is a light weighted and complete fabric.  Terry cotton fabric provides a cosy feeling, is known to absorb moisture in an easy way whereby your body is kept cool.

This fabric is used in the manufacturing of pullovers, shirts, sweat pants or hoodies. In fact, this fabric works out to be an excellent choice if you are planning to go for a gym session or an exercise regime. A stylish and cooling look is provided to a person who is wearing it. This is different from the normal terry fabric as it is softer and absorbent. On the other hand, this fabric is easy to maintain and is not going to cost you for dry cleaning or servicing. There are certain pointers to ensure that the French terry cotton fabric looks in great shape.

  •   Frequent washing- the best and easiest way to maintain this fabric is washing it after every wear. As this fabric is highly absorbent, it absorbs the sweat that might stink. By a simple wash, you can release this odour in detergent and water
  •   Fabric foam- this works out to be a non -wrinkle fabric. What it means is that the fabrics made from this cloth are not going to get any wrinkles. No longer have you had to iron or wash your clothes after every usage.
  •   Coldwater along with rising- an ideal way to wash this fabric is to rinse it in a bucket of cold water. This is going to remove all the sweat along with the odour of sweat and make it look new.

Be aware that the price of a french terry cotton fabric is higher than normal cotton fabric. Now let us explore the reasons why the price tends to be higher

  •   Raw material- the material that is put to use is high-quality cotton as it is 100% natural version of cotton. In fact, the final product that emerges is pure on the quality front
  •   Process- the process that is put to use for manufacturing French terry cotton is a lot different than normal cotton fabric. Basically, the process is advanced and the focus is on precise finishing with high-quality machinery. The final product that emerges is without any form of side effects.
  •   Weight- in addition, the weight of the fabric is higher. When you compare it to terry cotton it is broader. With the layers and width, these fabrics have superior weight whereas French terry is known to possess low weight.

Because of the optimum quality, French terry cotton is in high demand. The consumers along with the customer base for this product is increasing at a massive level.  So there is ample scope for these suppliers to earn money in this line of business.


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