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What is NEC SV 9100? How does it help your business? What are its features? I have a small call center business. Is NEC SUB900 useful for my business? There are a lot of questions that may be rising in your mind, and you may not get the proper answer. Such a situation leads to confusion whether or not a particular tool or system one should use one’s business. You don’t worry. Let’s read this blog post and discuss all the points mentioned in these questions. After the completion of this post, you will have a better idea about the NEC SV 9100, and you can make an informed decision whether or not you should choose it for your business.

What is NEC SV 9100?

It’s an advanced phone, designed intelligently to resolve the issues of today’s communication challenges faced by every small and medium-sized business. It a distinction bestowed only on reliable merchants with expert specialists and history of the quality facility to their customers. NEC Phone is built in a way to scale as your business grows. There are some companies that are a partner of NEC.

Benefits and features

NEC SV 9100 comes with a bounty of unique features, which further lead to multiple benefits for a business. Some of the key features of the tool that is useful for your BPO Company have been given below:

Key Sets

An array of choices – you can choose an NEC with color display, 2 to 32 keys, self-labeling, or digital and IP cordless mobile handsets for your system. NEC phones can provide you with a wide variety of models to complement every workstation.


One of the features of the NEC handset, UT880 can provide you with easy access to your NEC unified communications desktop or mobile client.  You can have better function of UC (Unified Communications) – instant messaging, presence, corporate directories, unified messaging, and call control. Everything is available right at your fingertips.

Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension is another benefit. It allows you to have access to every feature of your desktop phone with the help of a nearly any external communications device. It allows you to make use of your home phone, mobile device or other external devices for simulating an extension of your office phone.


The NEC SV9100 also comes with the feature of voicemail. It works as a blade-based unified messaging system. This enables you to deliver abundant message storage, and have the scalable port capacity, including many other features that you expect from NEC. The device gives you the capacity for Presence-based Greetings, voicemail to email, Web Mailbox Manager, and Mobile Web Mailbox Manager.


InMail is another benefit. It is an embedded solution that enables you for automated communications. It provides voicemail to email integration and Automated Attendant features and helps you meet your communications needs both now and in the future.

Unified Communications (UC Suite)

With the feature of UC Suite, the NEC SV 9100 has the capability to deliver an integrated unified communications (UC) solution for your UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Server. This can lead to empowering your organization’s ability to collaborate. The UC suite is equipped with full integration and Microsoft Outlook, CRM integration with SalesForce, and numerous other 3rd party products.

Other Features

Besides the features mentioned above, there are many other benefits and features of NEC SV 9100. These features are call center applications, call recording facility, web conferencing, hospitality, call analysis, collaboration tool, and much more.

With these benefits and features, NEC SV 9100 seems to be very useful for your BPO company.


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