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CompTIA A+ is a globally recognized IT certification that proves your competence in various areas of technology, including networks and security. This entry-level certification has been around for nearly three decades, with over 2 million people having attained the designation worldwide.

You’ll learn how to support and manage IT infrastructure, network configuration, troubleshooting skills for common challenges in the workplace.

The certification will help you configure operating systems such as Windows, MacOSX Linux Chrome OS Android iOS devices.

Tips To Prepare For CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Following are some tips to prepare for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

  • To prepare for your next exam, you need to create a study guide. That way, before the test day arrives, you know what details will be on it and how much work is required of you – not only in terms of hours spent studying but also in which resources are necessary. CompTIA certification courses come with various goals that candidates should learn in order to meet the requirements. You might not know all of them now, but at least by finding out what topics and subtopics are included, you’ll get a clear picture of what’s expected from your coursework.
  • It would be wise to know what type of study method works best for you. If you’re the type who likes learning by yourself, don’t worry about instructors. But if a classroom setting is more your thing, it might help to find an instructor-led comptia certification training program.
  • One of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming certification exam is by building a small home lab that will help you memorize hardware components. For example, take apart your desktop and put it back together, so you know what all those acronyms such as RAM, GPU, CPU mean.

The CompTIA certifications are a great way to quickly prove your knowledge and skills. It is also an attainable certification for those just starting out in IT or cybersecurity, but it may not be enough for seasoned professionals.

For more advanced employees, other well-known credentials such as the OSCP and CISSP might better suit their needs.

  • It Starts At The Entry Level

CompTIA exams are helping to ensure that new technology professionals, such as those just starting out in the field of cybersecurity, have a certification aligned with their experience and understanding.  A significant number of CompTIA certifications suggest that candidates have three years of experience in the field, meaning they reflect an entry-level position within IT security/cybersecurity.

They cover core concepts like networking basics, introductory digital safety measures, software and hardware functions for consumers and businesses alike, thus ensuring these skills can be applied at any point during someone’s career development cycle when necessary.

  • These Certifications Are More Affordable Than Others

The best thing about CompTIA exams is that they are affordable.  Most people with higher-level certifications, like the ones in cybersecurity and IT , can cost upwards of $1,000 or more to obtain. However, as a startup company looking for ways to attract potential employees who haven’t earned high salaries yet – this isn’t feasible without being able to justify it through their career track or income level.

This makes CompTIA’s lower-cost certification an attractive option since many entry-level professionals will find themselves unable to afford such expensive prices given how much we’re earning at our stage in life so far. One advantage of taking CompTIA tests is their low price tag, often costing less than other industry testing companies.

  • The Certifications Do Not Require Application Fees Or Documentation

The fine-print of many advanced-level certifications will have two primary requirements.

First, there will be application fees which are non-refundable. Secondly, they may require at least five years of experience documented with some employers to ensure competency before taking their exam. This is because it takes time to become fully certified but then also requires an applicant to pay for training from those same organizations if not already experienced by them.

CompTIA’s policy benefits certification holders significantly. There are multiple certifications and you can take the exam that you wish to with whenever and prepare for it any way that suits your needs best.

Additionally, once certified with the company’s credentials—you have unlimited access to retake exams as often as desired until passing or reaching a limit of test retakes allowed per year/purchased package from Certified Training Partners (CTP). The benefit here is if experienced professionals are able to earn their several certificates within the space of just one or two months.


CompTIA certifications are a great option for entry to mid-level cybersecurity professionals that want to distinguish themselves from their competition and prove skills. With so many college graduates looking for jobs in the cybersecurity industry, CompTIA certifications can help set you apart as someone who is serious about your career goals and proving yourself with employers right out of school.


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