ample reasons of popping out of belly button

Are there ample reasons of popping out of belly button?

The dilemma among the would be mothers is when does the belly button pop in pregnancy. This is a million dollar question and let us gets the facts in order. The main reason is whether it will stick or emerge out as well. If it is going to happen you can avoid it and in case such a situation is not going to occur there would be no reason to worry on the same as well. Before we precede ahead let us understand the reasons of the popped out belly button.

In this regard the main cause does appear that the uterus is going to push the abdomen forward. A pressure is put on the abdomen where a considerable amount of pressure is being put on the belly button. In certain cases it could go on to become protrude as well.  Here the uterus is known to expand considerably where a considerable degree of push is witnessed. This tends to take place in the 26 weeks of pregnancy. This situation where the woman tends to be bit skinny this would take place in the second trimester of pregnancy. This pretty much answers the question when your belly button pops out during pregnancy.

You need to figure out that the popped up belly button is not that something that you can turn a blind eye to. The best part is that it proves out to be harmless. You might have had an inverted or an outie to start off the process. There is no need to press the panic button as it may get back to its normal position once the delivery is over. Though in some cases it might replicate a lived in or stretched out scenario as well. In the event of the belly button not popping out there is nothing to worry as well. A lot of women have gone on to face the situation that their belly button has not popped out and they have gone on to have normal births as well. Someone might come up to you and ask is there any relation between a popped up belly button and the gender of the baby. The answer to this question has to be a strict no.

Now coming to another interesting facet will a popped up belly button lead to a stage of umbilical hernia. In case of some women there is a defect or hole in the walls of the abdomen and this might appear long before you are pregnant as well. It would mean excess weight gain and this goes on to put a lot of stress on the defective area. What happens in such cases is that the hernia does go on to become noticeable. In due course of time it does go on to become bigger in size that the defective tissue can pass through it.

To remove it the suggestion would it is better to wait till you no longer are planning to become pregnant. Surgery could be the only option in some cases.

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