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Marketers have realized the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services in marketing and are opting for AI-powered digital marketing tools to enhance marketing campaigns, planning, and decision-making.

Companies like Amazon and Facebook use AI to make shopping list recommendations and to analyse big data with the help of AI experts.

With big data, the marketing team can aggregate and segment humongous data with less manual efforts. They can derive insights to deliver the right message to the target audience and increase conversions via audience-preferred channels. Likewise, machine learning platforms help marketers to identify trends, predict responses and insights. It helps them to analyze the root cause for product success or failure and act accordingly.

Let us summarize the significant benefits of AI in marketing here.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent services

Social media and faster search engines are helping people to search faster than ever before. AI and big data solutions analyze the search patterns and enable marketers to identify the key areas to focus their efforts.

Smarter Ads

AI solutions provide enhanced account-based marketing solutions through in-depth studies, prominent keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data. With the abundant data available, online ads can be made smarter and effective comparatively.

Refined content delivery

Analytics enables marketers to understand people on an individual basis. They can identify potential clients, refine the content for targeted demography and geographical region to enhance engagement level.

Create consumer profiles

AI solutions enable marketers to capture data of every single interaction, provide deeper knowledge of consumers and prospective clients, create personalized content, and refine marketing campaigns.

Sales forecasting

The marketers can compare inbound communication, answer strategic questions, understand a prospect, and predict sales.


AI Bots can help for uninterrupted customer service and thereby retention. The consumer engagement avenues like chat functions using chatbots enable the business to get in touch with the consumer all the time.

Moreover, AI bots have entire data, search histories, information regarding the customer and help marketers to derive data efficiently at a faster rate.

Continued learning

AI can be taught in several ways to become more intelligent to uncover insights. It can increase conversions by promoting real-time decision-making.

With all these and more benefits, AI is bound to redefine the marketing services.

But how a marketer can leverage the AI solutions for business?

Today’s marketers must be tech-savvy as they have to work with human-machine interfaces, neural networks, or the quantum artificial intelligence. He should become an AI expertise too.

How to get started with AI as a marketer

As an aspiring marketer, earn AI certifications and hone your marketing skills according to today’s trend. Implement AI technology in marketing.

  • Look for companies actually using AI. Evaluate the use cases and learn how it got improvised through AI.
  • Pick a problem you are interested in and research on how it can be solved through AI algorithms. Apply professional knowledge you gained while earning AI certifications.
  • Kaggle datasets and kernels help you to share your data, solutions and get feedback from others. You can also see how others interpret or extend your problem.
  • Look for practitioners and lean on their AI expertise and experience in solving the problem.
  • Call up your software solution providers and know-how they have integrated or plan to integrate AI into their products.
  • Investigate the AI potential to enhance your marketing operations. Make initial research and narrow down potential solutions. Find a free tool to speed up your research by piloting with one or two tools.

Focus on research and push the state of the art forward to gain the real benefits of AI-powered marketing.


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