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The American pie is the definition of a glorious dessert, with its crunchy puff pastry covering that envelops a surprise: the most delicious fillings imaginable. In your visit to the United States, you will find countless variations of the recipe for this cake: with an extra layer of delicious fresh cream, with vanilla ice cream, with sparkling meringue or even with a slice of cheddar cheese, popular in areas of the Northeast and Midwest. Whether you’re eating in a small traditional-style restaurant or an elegant restaurant in the city, do not forget to leave room for dessert.


For the inhabitants of the northeast, the unforgettable autumn experiences include trips to orchards to pick apples, take cider and panoramic tours to admire the glorious leaves of different colors. Generally, the orchards of the region open for Labor Day, the first Monday of September. If you want to prepare your own cakes, ask a farmer what type of apple you prefer: the Granny Smiths and Rome Beauties varieties are very prominent. If you prefer to enjoy cakes made by someone else, most of the orchards offer for sale freshly baked cakes: crispy apples cooked in sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, wrapped in a golden crust.

Fortunately for travelers, it is possible to find apple pie anywhere in the United States, but dessert lovers will find it worth going to rural Lancaster County in Pennsylvania , the oldest existing Amish settlement in the country, just to taste a shoofly cake (with molasses). The name of this cake recalls the time when even baking was done outdoors. It is prepared with a molasses filling and a thin layer of brown sugar and flour.

Also, you cannot stop trying the Boston cream pie in the city where it was invented. In fact, you can stop to try a piece of cake at the Omni Parker House, located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, where the cream pie was invented in 1856. Between each bite, enjoy the debate about the classification of this dessert between cake or cake, made of fluffy layers covered with custard and sweet chocolate.


The cakes from the southeast of the country are a satisfying culinary experience, as with most simple dishes. The cakes that are prepared daily in the restaurants of typical food are a real temptation, with ingredients as exquisite as sweet potato, walnut, lemon, peach, strawberry and cheese (a cream cake flavored with vanilla, chocolate or even coconut).

In the south of the state of Florida, key limes of a faint yellow color are cultivated, which are the basis of an exquisite cake: the juice of the fruit is mixed with sweetened condensed milk to fill dough that is topped with meringue or cream, achieving a Perfect cake. Taste this cake while you enjoy the pleasant breeze of the ocean to live a sublime experience.

Midwest, Pacific, West and Southwest

The harvests of the region are evident in Michigan, where cherries create exquisite cakes and pies, which are sometimes combined with peaches, apples or rhubarb to obtain delicious mixtures. In the Pacific and West regions, Marion berries, raspberries and wild blueberries add touches of violet and sweetness to the cakes.

American cakes have traditions that are linked to the history of the regions where they were created. In the southwest, eating a delicious fried pie involves imagining the cooks offering the farmers individual servings of puff pastry, stuffed with fruit. In the Midwest, eating a Hoosier sugary cake is synonymous with following the steps of generations of farming families who enjoyed this delicious combination of three types of sugar, whipped cream and vanilla.

During the trip, ask about the tradition of preparing pies in the area and after eating, make sure you leave room for a piece of American culture.

Savor the culture of the American pie on your trip through the United States

In April, head to Florida, the Great American Pie Festival and its endless celebration of this tradition with a buffet of pastries.

In Lancaster County (Lancaster County), Pennsylvania, try the “whoopie” cake (another name to debate, since “whoopie” is actually a cake with two sides of chocolate and sweet cream in the middle). In addition, you can take a tour of the farms and get to know the Amish community. You can attend the Whoopie Pie Festival, where 100 versions of the recipe are served.

In the fall, try sweet pumpkin pies with a hint of sweet spices. Taste the traditional version that is prepared on Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November, or try the experimental recipes with freshly roasted nuts, a gingerbread crust or a touch of black pepper.

The “official” dessert of the United States is the apple pie and it is prepared in almost all the cities and towns of the country. Featured places to try a piece of cake: Pie Lab, in Greensboro, Alabama; The Apple Pan, in Los Angeles, California; and the Paris Coffee Shop, in Fort Worth, Texas.

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