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Bangalore – How I found the perfect business hotel for my needs

What constitutes a perfect business hotel? I’m sure most people would not have a clear or universal answer to this question. In fact, it is hard to think of universal attributes that a good business hotel will possess. You must be wondering why I’m thinking on these lines. Well, I travel for at least 50-60 days in a year and mostly to Bangalore. I’ve gone through some wonderful and some pathetic experiences over the years in terms of hotel accommodation (life’s always a mixed bag!). Previously, while booking hotels in Bangalore, I always looked for the amenities and price point. My company’s pretty generous with travelling allowances and hence we generally picked the best hotels in town (yes I know I’m lucky!).

However, I found out, much to my chagrin that not all hotels offer what they claim to, particularly if you’re just seeing their websites and talking to enthusiastic booking managers on the phone. Additionally, high pricing is no guarantor of quality as I found out. The higher the price, the better the quality and service is something we all believe in. However, many hotels have higher prices for accommodation for a variety of reasons although they do not quite live up to the high billing expected as a result.

After all these experiences, I decided to find a fool-proof, reliable and easy way of finding the best business hotel. Me and my business partner sat down and decided to jot down our own unique requirements for finding the right hotel. Budget was no bar so naturally we listed a few of the things that we simply cannot do without now. These include the following:

  • Easy booking and availability of information about hotels in my chosen location and city. We do not have the time to go through multiple hotel websites and call various establishments, seeking the best possible quotes and amenities.
  • Reasonable prices or at least decent value for the price I am paying.
  • Strategic location of the hotel near railway stations, airports or at least public transportation facilities. Hotels near major commercial zones would be a key plus point.
  • Clean rooms. I cannot emphasize on this factor enough after all these years! It’s terrible to come back to a room where there are stains/dirt all over and the bed linen is grimy and unwelcoming.
  • Clean bathrooms. Once again, this is a deal breaker for me at least! The washroom has to be hygienic, equipped with basic toiletries and spanking clean. I can do with an okayish room if needed but the bathroom has to be top-class.
  • Air conditioning that works. Too many times, I’ve been to hotels where the AC unit seemed to dish out little gusts of cold air at times or sometimes even no air. ACs that are clean and maintained well are the need of the hour.
  • A television for watching movies or sports in my case whenever I get some free time in the evening.
  • Free Wi-Fi since mobile networks often fluctuate and I’m tired of setting up hotspots all the time! Wi-Fi will keep me productive and save me a lot of hassles in the bargain!
  • Complimentary Breakfast. Yes, I’m ready to pay more for the inclusion of breakfast. With a hectic schedule each day, complimentary breakfast works out really well to say the least.

breakfast in Hotels Bangalore

  • Service- Customer service, while subjective, is based on some universal expectations like politeness, friendliness and a genuine desire to help. Good service and staff behaviour elevates the experience tremendously.

I am happy to state that I now book hotels in Bangalore online through a reliable online hotel booking brand. Also, I have found the perfect business hotel in the city which takes care of all the above mentioned needs with aplomb.

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