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The present digital landscape shapes the majority of the business-consumer relationship. Due to the existence of various digital platforms, people search for answers to their queries on the internet. Every platform has its specialty, and so does every type of content. However, video content and video marketing are increasingly gaining momentum as it can help you strengthen your social media marketing strategy. Video content has several advantages such as being visually appealing among others. Furthermore, amongst all the video marketing platforms, YouTube stands out as the most prolific platform with over 2 billion unique visitors every month. Besides, 88% of marketers state that they found success in YouTube marketing. So let’s explore some of the key benefits of YouTube video marketing for enhancing the performance of your ecommerce development company.

Key Benefits Of Using Video Marketing

Capture Audience’s Attention

An Oxford study shows that the fast pace of the internet has led to people now having even shorter attention spans. Another study by Microsoft Canada found that the average attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Therefore, to capture the audience’s attention, digital marketing service providers use video marketing tools. Videos are visually attractive and can entice your audiences towards watching the videos. Thus, it can effectively enhance your user engagement.

Gain Consumers’ Trust

Generally, people don’t buy an item the first time they come across it. They do their research, scan the reviews and ratings before purchasing. Buyers want evidence so that they can trust your brand. Therefore, marketers must focus on gaining their audience’s trust, and videos are one of the best ways to achieve it. Using video content with the personal appearances of your brand’s prominent members can help you connect deeper with your consumers.

Demonstrate Products

Videos are one of the easiest ways when it comes to explaining a product or service. Let’s say you are launching a new product. When you create a video showing its benefits and how to use it, you boost your brand’s credibility. 96% of people say that they watch an explainer video to learn about any product or service. Also, 84% of people say that they were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. Therefore, using video marketing can effectively enhance your conversion rate.

As we can see, video content can effectively strengthen your overall marketing strategy. Therefore, digital marketing experts prefer video marketing to promote and enhance the performance of businesses. Now, let’s discuss how video marketing with YouTube can benefit your ecommerce development services.

Benefits Of Using YouTube Video Marketing

Massive User Base

With over 2 billion monthly users worldwide, YouTube enjoys a massive user base. Through YouTube, you can easily expand your reach and spread awareness about your brand and products. Furthermore, YouTube’s user base is not limited to a specific group of audiences. To emphasize this point, Fortune Lord stated the following statistics on YouTube’s demographics. The 2 billion monthly users consist of the following age groups:

  • 11% belongs to the age group of 18 to 24
  • 23% are between ages 25 and 34
  • 26% are between 35 and 44
  • 16% are between the ages of 45 to 54
  • 8% are from 55 to 64
  • 6% are above 64
  • 14% remain undetermined

The above statistics show that YouTube has a dynamic user base from all age groups. Thus, it is safe to say that every ecommerce web development company can find its targeted audience on YouTube. A proficient YouTube marketing agency can help you create unique and creative content to target your selected audience and drive engagement.

Second Largest Search Engine

YouTube not just has a huge user base. But it is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website worldwide, only behind Google and Facebook. It is because YouTube offers a huge library with over 300 hours of content uploaded every minute. It contains information about almost everything for every user. Thus, making it a preferred search engine for users looking for various information. It processes more than 3 billion searches a month, which is beyond Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL combined. Therefore, you need not worry about your brand videos not getting any screen time. All you need to do is optimize your content according to the user intent and you are good to go.

Boosts SEO And Improves Your Visibility On Google

Apart from its search engine, YouTube video marketing also enhances your SEO strategy and improves your visibility on Google. Due to Google Universal Search, mixed content is displayed in SERPs. News, images, videos, books, and local searches are all blended to provide a comprehensive set of answers to user queries. Videos, being more visually appealing, also shows up more often at the top of SERPs. You can produce high-quality articles on your websites and create valuable video content on YouTube to complement it. By doing this, you can build backlinks to your website. This will help boost your SEO performance and improve your visibility on Google SERPs.

Plenty Of Options To Repurpose The Video Content

Creating video content and uploading it on YouTube is not the end of your video marketing efforts. The market requirement keeps changing, and your content must adapt to the ever-changing user demands. One of the several benefits of using YouTube video marketing is that it allows various ways to repurpose your content. Suppose you have an article that gained popularity in the past, but it is no more gaining engagement. With YouTube, you can repurpose this old article into an explainer video, podcast, or video series by making little tweaks. Thus, YouTube video marketing can help you extract value from your old content in the form of engagement.


Getting Started With YouTube Video Marketing

With the right blend of social platforms, managing your social presence becomes much easier. YouTube video marketing enables you to add a personal touch to your brand. As a result, you can gain your audience’s trust in your brand. The huge user base of YouTube allows you to boost your SEO strategy and enhance conversions. For further details, drop us a line. Our strategy team will help you formulate the ideal social media marketing strategy for your ecommerce development company. With our YouTube marketing and advertising services, you can further increase your channel’s visibility and improve your ROI.


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