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With the advancement in technology, the usage of smart gadgets and social media has increased. It has become the demand of our society with the latest devices and advanced technology. Everyone is bound to use the latest devices to fulfill the demand of society including kids. The children are very much influence to spend their average of the day with smart devices and social media or the internet. The excessive or obsessive use of digital devices is risky for kids and it brings with with so many difficulties. 

The need to spy on the iPhone in the digital world

Everyone has their own smart devices for the different concern to communicate and sharing images, videos, and personal information.  Most kids are influenced to use these devices just for entertainment and fun. Kids are innocent and they don’t know the negative effects of social media and a lot of using digital smart devices. 

The risk while using iPhone and the internet 

While using the internet, social media and smart devices like iPhone are creating so many issues and problems through the internet. Parents are bound to provide smartphones to their kids for the fulfillment of society and the current time. But they don’t know the opposite side of the new technology. 

Cyber bullying 

It is common to use the internet and social media no matter they use smartphones, computers, and laptops. Kids use a mobile device, several social media sites, most of the time they face online harassment and cyber bullying which directly influence the mental health of kids. 

Data leakage

People didn’t care about the save and security of the personal information and their private data which they didn’t be shared with anyone they don’t trust and don’t know them. In the world of social media and the internet, there are a lot of people who take benefit of their innocence and their data by miss-used and you don’t know anything about it.

Stranger calls 

The calls by the unknown person they don’t know about, it’s time to risk for kids all unknown incoming and outgoing calls. Kids sometimes received a strange call which can hurt them.

Online predators

By the use of iPhone and also connected with internet with social media. Sometimes they find online predators even you don’t know if someone is talking to your kid unless you are not watching.

Inappropriate content and apps

IPhone allows users to install different apps for different concerns. It makes it possible that kids install every type of apps that they don’t care of its dangerous. They explore adult content while using different apps and social media pages.  

How to spy on iPhone remotely 

Kids are much like to use iPhone as compared to android devices. They use smartphones an average of the day to entertain themselves.  Too much usage of cell phones creates worries for parents regarding their kids.  

TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring application 

TheOneSpy phone tracker and monitoring software provide powerful and strong software to spy on iPhone devices. It is the best tool to monitor kids’ activities and also save their iOS devices. It’s making able for parents to track the kid’s cell phone devices.  As well as it also called the parental control system. 

Features support to the iPhone 

Call logs

It can use the iPhone spy app to track the iPhone’s incoming and outgoing call logs secretly. 

Spy on SMS

It can monitor the incoming and outgoing text SMS of the iPhone. TheOneSpy uploads on its dashboard. 

Spy on Whatsapp

It helps to monitor on social messaging Whatsapp with the help of an iPhone tracking app. Users can also get calls and text messages.


With the use of a monitoring app, users can get to know all appointments in the iPhone calendar and you get to know the location and time zone.

I messages 

It makes it easy to spy on I messages with the monitoring software of theOneSpy.  U can use the feature of the jailbreak device before starting monitoring. 


TheOneSpy monitoring applications is the best software to track the iPhone secretly. It decreases worries of the parents toward their kid’s online safety.


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